Educational Excursions

New Delhi, August 12, 2023: The school organised a visit for biology students to the CSIR-Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology (IGIB), a premier research institute for an outreach programme. It aimed to ignite young minds towards scientific thinking and creativity and give them a first-hand experience of research activities. The students of Classes XI and XII explored the institute for the whole day with four lab visits. The day kicked off with a briefing session in the seminar hall, where the professionals and research scholars introduced the students to the lab's working and its importance during the covid pandemic. The day was full of new information, great learning and power packed with precious knowledge.

New Delhi, June 10, 2023: The school trip to Singapore, which took place from 10th to 15th June 2023, was an incredibly enriching and unforgettable experience for the students of Apeejay Schools from Delhi-NCR. The itinerary for this remarkable trip encompassed a range of captivating destinations and activities. The students had the opportunity to visit some iconic landmarks and embark full-filled adventures. The educational aspect of the trip was enhanced by a visit to the Science Centre, where the students engaged in various activities and discovered scientific facts in an interactive and immersive environment.

This Singapore Overseas Educational trip not only provided the students with an informative and educational experience but also allowed them to develop important life skills. Throughout the journey, the students were encouraged to be independent, make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Such experiences fostered their self-confidence and self-awareness, helping them grow as individuals.