New Delhi, April 28, 2016: Apeejay School, Pitampura offers a mélange of learning opportunities to its students through various enriching activities and initiatives throughout the year. One such effort was made in April 2016, when students of ‘Legal Literacy Club’ of the School visited the District Court Complex, Rohini. With their awareness about the judicial courts limited to movies or television, the students were visibly in awe of the huge sprawling complex that functioned in various capacities; the visit opening up new vistas of awareness for the students.

Mr. Sushil Anuj Tyagi, Secretary of North Delhi District, patiently answered the queries of the students. He also briefed them about the functioning of the court and different segments of the courts like Family Court, Civil Court, Criminal Court, Traffic Court, Mahila Court, etc. The liaison officer, Mr. Naresh Khatri, took them on a guided tour of the area and introduced them to the structure of a court, role of a judge, public prosecutor, defense lawyer, reader and the stenographer.

The students had a first a hand experience of the proceedings of a Family Court and the manner in which the judge, Ms. Seema Maini, handled the proceedings was very impressive. Their next visit was to the Criminal Court where they met the judge, Ms. Meena Kaushik and observed the proceedings of the day. They also visited the Typing Room and Facilitation Centre (where the original copies of case files are made).

The last visit of the day was to the Mediation Centre, where settlements are made between both the warring parties. They learnt about the basics of mediation, benefits of mediation and the basic requirements to become a mediator from the Incharge of the Mediation Centre, Mr. Man Mohan Sharma.

The visit proved to be a great learning experience for the young students. They came back much wiser about the complex judicial system of their country and the coordination of various components to make the system work successfully.

Visit to District CourtVisit to District Court