New Delhi, Jan. 16, 2017: Apeejay School, Pitampura organised a ‘Space Session: Module 1’ by instructor, Mr. Abhinav on the topic ‘Basics of Rocketry’. About 47 students attended the session.

In basics of rocketry, it was explained how a rocket is powered with air pressure which serves as a fuel when it reacts with water. Mr. Abhinav also told about the Newton’s Laws of Motion and how they are used while flying rockets. He explained the structure of the rocket, among other things, and when they go into space the rocket separates out its parts & the satellite which was in the rocket is launched from it and the people who are sitting in the cone return to Earth. In the playground, the Astronomy Club students launched a simple rocket which was powered by air and water. The rocket was made with simple things like bottles, ball, clay and chart paper. It was a magnificent sight to watch a rocket fly.

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