New Delhi, September 3, 2014: A space session for the students of the Astronomy Club (Module 1) was organised to explain the basics of Rocketry and Solar Walk. The resource person for the same was Mr. Abhinav.


In basics of rocketry, instructor from SPACE explained how a rocket is powered with air pressure which serves it as a fuel when it reacts with water. He also told about the Newton’s laws of motion and how they are used when flying rockets. In the playground, the astronomy and physics teacher of the school, Mrs. Sarita Sharma launched a simple rocket which was powered by air and water. The rocket was made with simple things like bottles, ball and chart paper. It was a magnificent sight to watch a rocket fly.

Solar Walk

After explaining basics of rocketry, there was a session on ‘Solar Walk’. It was really an interesting activity. In this activity, the size of solar system was reduced and the distance between planets by 5 billion times. The Sun became of the size of a watermelon, Mercury of urad dal, Earth of moong dal, Mars of musoor dal, Jupiter of a table tennis ball, Saturn a ball slightly smaller than the table tennis ball, Uranus of a marble and Neptune slightly smaller than a marble. In the playground, these small planets were placed at a proportionate distance to make a mini solar system. Some interesting facts about planets were also highlighted.