Rajasthan, April 29, 2014: 56 students from the Space Club of the School went to Sariska, Rajasthan for overnight sky observation. It was a good experience to observe galaxies, planets and their moons, and the motion of the artificial satellites. Students observed galaxies like M-4, M-13 and M-22. Planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus were also observed through the telescope.

In this educating trip, students learnt about:

  • Planisphere reading: Reading the sky with the help of a handy sky map to find stars, galaxies and other objects
  • Stars and their motion in the sky: Understanding why we see the stars move
  • Rotation and Revolution concept: Why we see different stars in different months?
  • Planets and their visibility in the sky: When can we see different planets?
  • Observing constellations: What are constellations and how do we find them?
  • Telescope and its handling: Learning about and pointing a telescope towards objects in the sky