On August 29th 2016: Prajit Bhaduria and Chatanya Chhabra of class XI and Hriday Sahani and Anant Sharma of class VIII went to Nehru Planetarium to participate in a quiz contest.

Students were divided in two groups “Seniors” and “Juniors”. In 1st round, students had to individually take a test of half an hour.

The 2nd round was conducted separately for the “Seniors” and “Juniors” wherein they were shown visuals related to deep sky observations which they had to identify.

For 3rd round, 8 students were selected from 1st round for the finals where Prajit Bhaduria and Chatanya Chhabra from our school qualified. For 4th round, 3 teams were selected from the 2nd round for finals.

All in all it was a great learning experience and proved to be a knowledgeable programme for students.