Astronomy and our universe have been fascinating young minds and children want to explore the secrets of the universe. The Astronomy Club of our school has 47 students from Class VI to Class X. This club has been introduced to inculcate scientific temper among the students by introducing concepts of science through a process of inquiry, experimentation and analysis by showing them videos & performing some activities on different topics. Selected students of the Astronomy Club got a chance to attend workshop, some of them are as follows:

  1. New Delhi, September 23, 2013: The selected students of the club went to Qutub Minar for an observation called project ‘PARIDHI’ which was related to the measurement of the circumference of the earth. It was a delightful experience as new concepts of astronomy were learnt by different experiments and methods.

    astronomy club
  2. New Delhi, November 18, 2013: On Nov. 8 & Nov. 18, 2013, selected students of the club went to Nehru Planetarium for a workshop related to the Comet Ison. The children learnt how to locate Comet Ison in the night sky.