List of Clubs

The integration of work and study is the key element in Apeejay School, Pitampura. All the students are obliged to gain practical experience in the course of their academic education. The concept of Clubs is seen as an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good lifelong habits, and cultivating a voluntaristic spirit. Club activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which they require in day-to-day life. In the school, various club activities are organised allowing the students to display their talent.

This amusing Club introduces students with the national sport of South Korea i.e. Taekwondo. The game talks about the movements of foot and fist, including kicking and punching. This form of martial arts includes combat techniques, self-defense, sports, exercise, meditation and philosophy. The Club is popular with the students of both the genders as it prepares them to keep their body fit and encounter their opponent valiantly.