“If you cannot reduce, then reuse.”

Delhi, July 2021: The students of Class III performed an activity on the topic ‘Reduce and Reuse’ by making a utility item using the waste material at home like an old newspaper, plastic bottles, tin cans, ice-cream sticks, etc. Innovative ideas were used by the students to reuse the waste material at home. Students were excited to show their creativity and made beautiful objects like bookmarks, photo frames, key-holders, piggy bank, water dispenser, etc. This activity has helped the students to learn an important lesson of managing waste so that they can contribute their tiny bis to save our Mother Earth.

Best Out of Waste (Class III)

Delhi, July 3, 2021: Sudoku Class Activity was organised on 3rd July 2021 for classes IV and V. Sudoku puzzle is an excellent tool for building student’s critical thinking skills. Students use the given numbers to help them fill in the blank squares so that each number, 1 to 9, appears in every column, row, and block of the completed Sudoku puzzle. All the students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed this activity.

New Delhi, June 2021: The students of Class III learnt the value of sharing and caring through the awakening program sessions organised during Value Education classes. The sessions were based on a story and were interactive, thought-provoking, and enlightening. Innovative ideas used by the students made each and every card unique and special. The students shared their thoughts about caring for others and made beautiful Get Well Soon cards to show that they CARE.

Value Education – Sharing & Caring

Delhi, July 3, 2021: Class activity for the students of Class II was held on 3rd July 2021, wherein the students had to speak about their favourite season. Almost all the students took part in this Activity with confidence and zeal. They used props, backgrounds, costumes depicting the season to express their favourite season. They also spoke about the advantages, disadvantages, festivals celebrated and why they like that particular season. It was a great experience for the little ones and the information shared was quite enriching.

My Favourite Season (Class II)

Delhi, July 2021: A group discussion was organised on the topic ‘Have the Human Relationships and Value System Changed Post COVID-19?’.

Group Discussion (Class IX)

Delhi, July 2021: A Group Discussion was organised for the students of Class X on the topic ‘The Boom in the World of Technology Post COVID-19’. The students enthusiastically came up with their views on the topic.

Group Discussion (Class X)

A Fancy Dress Activity was conducted on 22nd August 2020 on the Zoom platform for the students of classes II and II. The smiles on the faces of the students, their colourful attires and the zeal in their hearts clearly exhibited their enthusiasm to perform to the best of their capabilities. All of them were dressed up beautifully in traditional grabs of the colourful states of India. They enthralled all with their superb performances. Students successfully grasped the culture, cuisine, music and dance of the different states represented by them and cherished the beauty of India’s ‘Unity in Diversity’ in one breath. There was so much to see, feel and experience in terms of the rich traditions of the different states. The activity proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.

Salad Making Competition for Classes IV&V
‘Toppings on Biscuits’ Competition for Classes II & III

An online ‘Salad-Making’ and ‘Toppings on Biscuits’ competitions were organised for classes IV & V and classes II & III respectively. Both the competitions were held on 18th July 2020 through an online platform Zoom.

The objective behind the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the youth. The participants' creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouth-watering salads and toppings. The students displayed a variety of vegetables and fruit salads such as Watermelon Basket Salad, Combo Salad and Jumbo Salad using commonly available ingredients. The participants explained the nutritional value of their salad and toppings.

The focus of the Competition was not only the preparation of salads and toppings but also upon their artistic presentation which carried an aesthetic aspect. Equal emphasis was on the hygienic considerations which was to be kept in view while preparing and dressing the final product. Nutritional value, creativity, neatness and overall presentation were the basic criteria for the judgment. Judges exhorted upon the students to make salad eating a routine habit for enabling them to maintain a healthy life.

Judges for the Competition were as follows:

II A & II B – Ms Chanchal, Ms Ritu Kohl
II C & II D - Ms Prerna Sharma, Ms Anita Sharma
III A & III B – Ms Harjeetlamba, Ms Guneetasharma
III C & III D - Ms Muditaagrover, Ms Nitashagarg
IV A & IV – Bms. Varunagahlot, Ms Bhawnamaggo
IV C & IV D - Ms Deeptisharma, Mr Sumit Verma
V A, V B, VC, VD – Ms Gurpreet, Ms Abha Jhuman

New Delhi, Oct 31, 2020: Soliloquy – Roar Aloud – an Inter-Class Competition was held on 31st October 2020 for the students of classes II and III. Five students from each section participated in it. The students, through their great sense of humour, were able to express their views on the current scenario. Through their witty tone and gesture, they brought before us the advantages and disadvantages of the pandemic situation. The event was quite a learning experience, not only for the participants but for the audience too.

New Delhi, April 23, 2020: Inter-class activities for Class III was held on 23rd April 2020. Students participated enthusiastically in this event. It was very different and new experience for every one as it was conducted online through Zoom. Three participants from each class performed in the competition. Judgement was done on the basis of pronunciation, body language, voice modulation, confidence and overall presentation. All the students were very confident and performed well. Judges shared their experience and motivated the participants. Other than participants class teachers and other students of class III attended the event online to encourage participants as an audience.

Name of the Judges for Class III:

  • Ms Monika Kapoor
  • Ms Shweta Kohli
  • Ms Pooja Chadha


  • First Position: III D
  • Second Position: III C
  • Third Position: III B
  • Fourth Position: III A