Delhi, Dec 18, 2021: To mark the festive occasion of Christmas and New Year, a Greeting Card Designing Competition was conducted for students of classes II & III on the 18th of December 2021. Students were asked to design, draw, colour, paint or decorate the greeting card using any materials and finish the work in a stipulated time frame. The cards were judged based on creativity, neatness, and presentation.

The cards were decorated with various materials such as stickers, bindis, lace, Kundan work, beads, metallic paints, glitter powders, sequins, etc. Students used the pop-up card-making technique to give the card a 3D effect. The response to the event was overwhelming and each card was unique and beautiful showing the interest and creativity of each student.

The Dedication House secured the first position in Class II and the Discipline House bagged the first position in Class III.

Delhi, Dec 10, 2021: A Salad Making Competition was held on 10th December 2021, for classes II and III through the virtual platform - Zoom. The objective behind the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the children. The participant’s creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouthwatering salads. The students displayed copious types of both vegetable and fruit salads such as Watermelon Basket salad, Combo salad, Jumbo salad, and many more ingenious salads using commonly available ingredients. The participants explained the specialty of their salad and also the importance of including salad in our regular diet for maintaining good health and keeping diseases at bay. Creativity, neatness, nutritional value, and overall presentation were the basic criteria for the judgement. Judges exhorted upon the students to make salad eating a routine habit for enabling them to maintain a healthy life.

The Devotion House secured the first position in Class II, and the Determination House bagged the First position in Class III.

Delhi, Dec 9, 2021:An Inter-House Music Instrumental Competition was held on 9th December 2021, through the virtual platform - Zoom. These competitions are an integral part of the school curriculum as they provide an opportunity to shed off their inhibitions and nurture their innate talent. Students of classes IV and V mesmerised the audience with their skillful play of various instruments like flute, casio, guitar, and table. The participants were profusely complimented by the judges on their stellar performance.

The Determination House secured the First Position in Class IV and the Devotion House bagged the First Position in Class V.