Dec. 13, 2022: A blend of exceptional creativity and imagination was displayed by the students of Classes II and III during the “Greeting Card-Making Competition” held on 13 December 2022. The theme was “Christmas and New Year” and the students participated with great enthusiasm. The competition aimed at promoting creativity and self-expression. The First position was secured by Discipline House.

Nov. 29, 2022: Recently, Inter-House activities were organised for Classes II and III. The students of Class II splashed colours and sketched different types of houses found in various landscapes. The Class III students wrote three safety measures to be followed in the classroom, house, school etc. The activities were a fusion of imagination and observation of surroundings.

Position House
1st Position Determination House
2nd Position Dedication House
3rd Posion Discipline House
4th Position Devotion House

Nov. 01, 2022: Apeejay School, Pitampura organised an Inter House Competition titled Inspiring Speeches of Swami Vivekananda on 1 November 2022 for Classes VI to IX. The participants dressed up as Swami Vivekananda and presented his inspiring quotes & ideologies with great vigour and confidence.

The School Principal Mrs.Veena Goel addressed the children and encouraged them to understand the depth of the inspiring words and adopt them as Guru mantra.

“Awake, arise and stop not until the goal is reached”, the importance of this message in life was highlighted by the Principal in her address.