Name of Activity


A Workshop on ‘Convention to Empower Schools against Child Sexual Abuse’ was conducted at the IIT Lecture Hall. The programme started with the opening remark of Mr. Vikas Nautiyal (SAI – Social Axioms Insignia) who talked about the alarming statistic of CSA – both the boys and girls and apathy of various agencies in dealing with them. This was followed by various speakers highlighting the significance of implementing e-Possco in schools, identification & sensitive handling of cases at various levels, emotional & social trauma that a child faces and the role of a counsellor in protecting child from further damage. Mr. Yashpal S. Kalsi also talked about Physical Education and Self Defence and introducing Self Defence in School for girls from classes VI to X. Further discussion was on Project CACA wherein they discussed CACA Safety Workshop and teaching aids on CSA, followed by Nukkad Natak by Saksham NGO. The post lunch session also included open discussion followed by a talk by Educationist, Mr. Puran Chand, General Secretary CBSE, Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. A.K. Pandey, Chairperson, NPSE. Finally, they showed how Oman is implanting CSA is their CBSE Schools.


Mr. S.K. Yadav and Ms. Vandana Deepak participated in a Workshop on ‘Effective Teaching of Maths using Models’ conducted by Ratna Sagar Publishing House at Lal Bahadur Shastri School, R.K. Puram. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Hukum Singh, a renowned educationist. The Workshop brought out the mistakes commonly made while teaching Mathematics to students and emphasised on the use of models for teaching Maths in classes.

Ms. Shweta Roda attended a Workshop on ‘Effective Teaching Methodologies for 21st Century English Language Learner’ organised by the Cambridge University Press. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. CCN. Prakash, Sr. Consultant, ELT who highlighted effective reading techniques like collaborative reading and suggested various innovative ways like writing a grammar poem to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for Communicative Language Teaching in class. The Workshop also featured in a book launch of the latest series of English Textbooks by the Cambridge University Press.

24-11-2016 & 25-11-2016

A Workshop on ‘Business Studies of Class XII’ was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Sethi and Ms. Sanjukta Mukherjee at the CBSE Centre of Excellence, Guru Gram, Haryana. The following points were discussed:

  • To understand the changes in the syllabus of Business Studies for Class XII
  • To understand the difficult toipcs of the subject
  • To discuss the teaching pedagogies of the subject
  • To understand the typology of the questions and expectations of the CBSE regarding its answers
  • How to make the subject interesting among the students

The Workshop was attended by Mr. Jitender Narula, PGT (Accounts & B.Studies)


An interactive session on the ‘Role of Women in Politics’ was organised by the PHD House, New Delhi. Ms. Ritula Singh, Vice Principal and Ms. Anurag along with ten students attended the progamme. It was a knowledgeable and inspiring session.