Name of Activity


CBSE organised a Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity at the Center of Excellence in Gurgaon. The Workshop was conducted by the CBSE Master trainer, Ms. Sudha Acharya. The objective of the Workshop was to provide a platform to learn and share knowledge on Gender Sensitivity. Issues like bullying were discussed to counsel the teachers to deal effectively with bullies and make strategies for sensitising their respective school students. Ms. Acharya’s immense knowledge on the issue was a guiding force for the teachers who affirmed to spread their knowledge about the issue in their respective schools too. Ms. Acharya felicitated the teachers with certificates of participation. Ms. Neeta Hansuka attended the programme.


A Disaster Management Training Programme for Teachers of Govt. and Private Authority Schools was organised by the District Disaster Management Authority at DPSRU. Six teachers from Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park – Ms. Sona Jhingan, Ms. Swati Mehra, Ms. Vandana Deepak, Ms. Moumita Mallik, Ms. Sangeeta Das and Mr. Kartar Singh attended the programme. The lecture was initiated by Mr. M.M. Gupta who spoke on the topic ‘First Aid to the Injured’. He imparted vital information about health hazards, especially cardiac problems, and how to handle them. The next speaker was Ms. Heena Khanna who spoke on the topic ‘School Disaster Risk Reduction’ sensitising us on the need to have a disaster management committee in schools which will look after the arenas to provide a safe and secure environment for students. The last talk of the evening was on ‘Fire Hazard, its Consequences and how to Prevent it’.

25-10-2016 & 26-10-2016

CBSE organised a ‘Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management’ by Ms. Renu Malviya and Ms. Usha Anand at the CBSE Centre, Gurgaon. Ms. Sumit Goomer and Ms. Heena Bhatia attended the training programme. It was a learning experience, as it will help the teachers to adopt various techniques to make the teaching and learning process more effective. There were many topics which were covered in the two-day programme such as – Understanding Classroom Management, Physical Arrangement in Classroom, Components of Effective Classroom, Teacher Styles, Learning Styles, Managing Classes with Large Number of Student and Management of Inter-Personal Relationships. Many activities were also conducted related to the topic. The programme was very well-conducted and informative.

Name of Activity

19-7-2016 & 20-7-2016

A two-day workshop was conducted by the CBSE at the Centre of Excellence, Gurgaon on ‘Capacity Building on Challenging Areas in Social Science – Teaching and Evaluation’ for Class X. Mr. Madan Lal Sawhney and Mr. Santosh Vyas were the resource persons on the occasion. It was attended by Ms. Krishna Kumari.


Ms. Vandana Deepak and Ms. Manisha Narayanan attended a paper presentation on Friday, 29th July 2016, at the Dr. Stya Paul Memorial Mathematics Quest 2016 organised by Apeejay School, Saket. The topic of the paper was ‘Innovative Practices in Teaching-Learning of Mathematics’. Teachers from twenty different schools participated and everyone shared innovative ideas to make teaching Maths more innovative.


Mr. Sudhi Ranjan attended a workshop on ‘Prospective Resource Persons/Trainers in Classroom Management’ conducted by the CBSE Centre of Excellence at Gurgaon. Mrs. Rachna Pandit, the Principal, DPS, Marinikunj, Gurgaon and Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur were the resource persons on the occasion. The following topics were covered in the workshop:

  • Models of Classroom Discipline
  • Managing Classroom with Large no. of Students
  • Classroom Management Style
  • Components of Effective Classroom Management
April 22, 2013
Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi organised the ‘Earth Day Carnival’ in association with WWF-India.
It was attended by Eco Club teacher, Mr. Surya Prakash and eight students.
July 1, 2013
A workshop was conducted on ‘Health and Happiness’ by Mr. Rameysh Sharma on ‘Art of Living’.
July 1, 2 & 3, 2013
A computer workshop was organised for the school staff by Mrs. Mukta Amba and the computer faculty. The teachers were given an insight into the use of ‘Cloud Technology’.
July 2, 2013
A workshop on Pranayam was conducted by Mr. Ramneeq Vig from Yoga Enjoyment in the school auditorium. He laid stress on 'Miracles of Meditation' and taught pranayam comprising right techniques of breathing and three stages of inhalation, retention & exhalation.
July 2, 2013
A workshop on ‘Chalk Board Writing’ was conducted by Mr. Ajay Vashudeva from VOEDU. He discussed and share information on the impact of handwriting.
October 9, 2013
Workshop on ‘ICT in Education’

Ms. Manisha Narayanan and Ms. Chitra Singh attended a workshop on ‘ICT in Education’ for teachers. The workshop was conducted by NIIT at Apeejay School, Saket as a part of Dr. Stya Paul Memorial Mathematics Quest 2013.

The workshop comprised 4 sessions:
Session 1 - Educational Trends and Student Engagement.
Session 2 - Recent ICT Trends and Introduction to ICT Tools for Education
Session 3 - Warm Up Exercises and Project Work
Session 4 - Sharing of Experiences and Feedback

The workshop laid emphasis on the imparting of knowledge through technology. The role of teachers is to be a facilitator or a guide for the students. The ICT aims at extending information sources. It also helps in extending opportunities for deeper approaches to learning, enhancing interaction and collaboration among the learners. It also allows the teachers to monitor and evaluate the students effectively. The workshop was very informative and an enriching experience.

November 6, 2013
A workshop was organised by CBSE at the India International Centre, New Delhi on ‘Feedback on Implementation Of NVEQF Courses In Schools’. The workshop was chaired by Hon'ble Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE and attended by Mrs. Kusum Gaur and Mrs. Seema Agarwal.
November 22, 2013
A seminar was held at the PHD Chamber on the topic 'Women In Decision Making Process’. Students (Girls) of Class XI and Mrs. Anasua Das Gupta attended the same.
December 7, 2013
A Workshop for teachers ‘Thought Process' was conducted by 'Pratham' at YMCA Tourist Hotel, Connaught Place. It was attended by Ms. Jyotsana Madan and Ms. Jyoti Saini.
December 7, 2013
A workshop was organised by Rama Krishna Mission on ‘Awakened Citizen’. It was attended by Ms. Asha Kapoor.
December 13, 2013
A Workshop on ‘Open Text Books Assessment’ for Class IX (Science and Social Studies) was held at Spingdales School, Pusa Road. It was attended by Ms. Kusum Gaur and Ms. Geeta Goel.
December 13, 2013
A Workshop on ‘Open Text Books Assessment’ for Class XI (Biololgy) was held at Spingdales School, Pusa Road. It was attended by Ms. Sarita Pande.
December 19, 2013
A workshop was held at Mount Carmel School on 'How Hindi language can be made more interesting?' It was attended by Ms. Sumit Goomer.
December 23, 2013
The seminar on 'Relevance of Ethics in Education' was held at the FICCI auditorium. It was conducted by the Times of India and Rau's Study Circle. The Chief Guest and the speaker for the seminar was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India & the Guest of Honour was Mr. Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Neeta Hansuka and Ms. Vandana Kumar.