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May 5 to 9, 2019

The teachers - Shruti Pandey, Manjusha Das, Sonia Kalra, Priyanka Malik, and Amit Upadhyay of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, attended the two-day long workshop of Awakening Citizen Program at Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, New Delhi. The teachers attended the workshop for the value education of the students of classes VII-IX.
On the first day, the mentors of the mission explained how to conduct classes at the School level. The teachers demonstrated the concepts taught by their mentors on the second day. They even took suggestions from the program attendees for ideas related to the program. Teachers were suggested to go along with the program strictly as per the planned curriculum. Different tasks were given to teachers to make them understand the significance of the program.

July 2019

Ms Preeti Soni, ATL In-charge attended a five-day workshop of Atal Tinkering Lab aiming to provide knowledge about ATL Lab equipment like 3D printer, Arduino, Node MCU, and Aero modeling. The delegates who participated in the workshop were from different states, schools, and from different departments, working on different projects and assignments. 36 participants were present in the workshop. Every participant had worked in a team of 2 members. The main objective of the workshop was to get the essential skills to run the ATL Lab and to motivate the students to do innovations in the Lab which can serve the social problems.
Workshop Content:

  • Arduino
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Node MCU
  • IOT
  • 3D Printer
  • Aero Modelling

The workshop started with the introduction of participants and trainers by mentioning their name and their position and upcycling activity by participants. Then some participants were asked to share their experience of the previous year workshop.
After this, the session was proceeded further by the trainer explaining the main purpose of the workshop and what the trainees will learn during the days.


July 19 & 20, 2019

teacher workshopMs Harjeet Kaur attended a two-day long workshop of Capacity Building Programme at National Victor Public School, New Delhi. The teacher attended the workshop for the Capacity Building Programme on Maths for Class X.
teacher workshopOn the first day, the session began with a discussion on why students face problems in learning Mathematics. In session 2, there was a useful & informative discussion on common errors in Mathematics categorized as conceptual and procedural errors. Hands-on activities were done in sessions 3 and 4, followed by suggestions and presentations by teachers in groups.
On day two, the session was introduced by a review on the need for intelligent planning. A new concept of SMART (specific-measurable-achievable-relevant-time bond) objectives, different methods of teaching was discussed by the mentors.
The workshop was very informative and helpful in developing the drafts for test items. The session was further made interesting by the resource person who performed hands-on activities such as paper cutting and pasting.

September 18,2019

A Capacity Building Programme was conducted by CBSE at New Horizon School, Nizamuddin. The Resource Person was Mrs Neeta Rastogi (Retired Principal, Manav Sthali School).
The workshop started with groups made based on the same subject. It was an eye-opener on the New Type of Secondary School Assessment. From this year onwards, the Internal Assessment is comprising some elements:-

  • Pen Paper Test 5 Marks
  • Multiple Assessment5 Marks
  • Subject Enrichment 5 Marks
  • Portfolio 5 Marks
  • The Pen Paper Test can be of 10/20/50/80 marks but they have to be converted into 5 marks.
  • Multiple Assessments can be based on Role Play, Concept Map, Oral Test, a response in the class.
  • A portfolio is class works/pre-assessment/self-assessment, badges, scholarships, Student Council member.
  • Subject Enrichment is Project work/assignments.

These can be assessed multiple times during the year and average or best marks can be taken for the final marks. External Assessment remains the same of 80 marks.
Mrs Sarika Sharma attended the workshop.

September 19 & 20, 2019

Capacity Building Programme was organised by the Central Board of Secondary Education at Sant Nirankari Public School to provide knowledge and guidance about the various new amendments in curriculum and evaluation. Capacity Building Programme Session was given by two highly efficient resource persons: Mrs Veena Mishra (Principal of National Victor Public School) and Mr Shubham Chakarborty of Amity School. The whole session comprised various interactive and interesting activities to create a more innovative way to teach science in our classes.
Content of Workshop:

  • Introductory Session - How Do Students Learn Science
  • Science in the Light of Ncf 2005
  • Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Revised)
  • Preparation of Lesson Plan
  • Assessment in Science


Mrs Veena Mishra took the session on teaching methodologies to deal with the hurdles faced during dealing with the individual pace of every student in our classes. She briefed about general objectives and instructional objectives. All teachers from various schools were asked to prepare ten general and instructional objectives. In the second half of the session, Mrs Veena briefed us about changes in Bloom’s Taxonomy. Teachers were asked to prepare a lesson plan.
Activities Performed: Making of Balloon Tower and Making of Pulley
Mr Shubham Chakarborty took the session on Evaluation and Assessment. He briefed about the new pattern of question paper set by the CBSE. He discussed the multiple-choices questions and optional questions to be given in the paper. He demonstrated the activity of reflection and demonstrated refractions, homopolar motor, and water act as a magnet.
Teachers were asked to prepare 80 marks question paper on the basis of the new pattern given by the CBSE.
Activities Performed: Making of Tall Tower by using Straws and Word Search.
Attended by Ms Ila Bhardwaj

September 11 to 12,  2019

‘IBM-CBSE AI K-12 Curriculum’ Orientation Workshop implemented by CBSE and IBM
Attended by: Principal (Ms Ritu Mehta), Mukta Amba
CBSE is working towards building the IBM-AI K-12 curriculum in collaboration with IBM India, targeting Class XI and Class XII teachers and students. In this regard, a  three-day orientation workshop was conducted by CBSE in Springdales School, Pusa Road.
A half-day orientation workshop for Principals was conducted on the significance of AI as an emerging technology and the need to foster an AI-ready and innovation-ready ecosystem for educators and students. A 2½ day teacher training workshop was held to help build foundational skills of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a customized curriculum that can enable teachers to guide and mentor students on solving problems and innovating around AI.
The participants gained Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge and skills through  multimedia online resources, as well as hands-on activities and sequencing of learning experiences.

22nd and 23rd October 2019

A Capacity Building Workshop for English teachers of Class X was conducted by the CBSE on 22nd and 23rd October 2019 at Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj. Ms Moumita Mallik Sen attended the workshop.
The purpose of this workshop was to enhance the pedagogical skill of English teachers and equip them with competencies to make learning stress-free and joyful.
The inaugural session on the first day was an interactive one. It stressed the integration of the evaluation of speaking and listening skill (ASL). It was addressed by Ms Heemal Handu Bhat, Principal of Hansraj Model School. She involved the teachers in enjoyable activities. The lively session was followed by a discussion on ‘Lesson Plan’ by Ms Rajni Jaiswal. The teachers were asked to make lesson plans based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
The second day’s session focussed on special objectives of reading and the ways of attaining confidence and grip over comprehension skills. The latter half of the session was a full-length discussion on the speaking skills taken up by Ms Heemal Handu.
The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the two-day workshop and gained valuable inputs which made them more confident, empowered, and aware facilitators of the English language and literature.

October 11 & 12, 2019

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme for Hindi was conducted by the CBSE. The workshop was held at Red Roses Public School, Gurugram where more than 35 teachers participated from different CBSE schools. Ms Monika Rani represented Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park.
The workshop was organised to empower the teachers and to build their capacity in teaching, review of the Hindi curriculum, NCF program by NCERT, Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives, and preparation of Lesson Plan. Assessment and evaluation techniques with relevant questions framing, preparing question papers in accordance with the CBSE guidelines, and other activities were performed by the teachers on the second day.
It was an overall informative and interesting experience for the teachers.
(ii) On the 25th of October 2019 at Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Ms Shruti Pandey represented the School at the Capacity Building Programme on Secondary School Assessment. Ms Neetu Rastogi, Member NEUPA and Retired Principal, Sadhu Vaswani School, and Ms Abha Jha, HoD, PGT English, Vikas Bharti School were the resource persons for the workshop.
The session focussed on various adolescent issues like life skill framing, life competencies with values, motivational enhancement, gender sensitivity, remodelled structure of Assessment for Secondary Classes. Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies, Classroom Management, and preparation of rubrics and guidelines for Portfolio were explained in detail. Teachers received handouts for a better understanding of the workshop and were also felicitated by Participation Certificate.

28th September 2019

‘Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought’ –
Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, had attended the ‘Think Summit-19’ organised by the Think Lab of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram on 28th September 2019.
Ms Preeti Soni ATL In-charge of Apeejay School and  students of classes VIII-XII were part of the Summit which saw the participation of 20 schools in 7 events.
S Krishna Kumar, Rakin Anwar, Aaranya, and Prakhar of class VII enthusiastically took part in the ‘Out-of-the-Box’ event wherein they made an Automatic Plant Watering System and a project on Nano Technology as a solution for better living. Aditi Singh and Ridah of 9th class made their presence felt in ‘Confabulation’ a group discussion event where the participants had to articulate, express, and debate topics related to current social issues.
Rudransh (XII A), Arjun (XI A), Urshita (XI A), and Swastik (XI A) took part in the ‘Ideate – 2 – Innovate’ to show their creativity, authenticity, and insight to innovate. Students also received a Participation Certificate.

A workshop was conducted by IBM in collaboration with CBSE under a 5-stage training programme for students of Class XI.  The stage 2 workshop had a session of 3 hours. The workshop was attended by shortlisted students of those who attended the stage 1 workshop. Students were to follow the ideation and brainstorming techniques followed in stage 1, to ideate solutions for the problem they wish to solve, and share in stage 2 - about the process followed and how they identified their top 3 ideas.  It was conducted by IBM trained experts. This training was attended by 22 students of Class XI seeking or wishing to explore AI in the future.
Attended by Ms Mukta Amba.

24th October 2019

On 24th October 2019 at India International Centre, New Delhi, a talk cum demo was organised to introduce the ‘Soft Robotics STEM Toolkit’ developed by researchers at the Harvard Bio Design Lab. Ms Payal Kapoor and Ms Parnika represented Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, for the talk.
The Soft Robotics Toolkit is an online collection of resources to support the design, modelling, and control of soft robotic devices. The talk focussed on group discussion and served as a platform for interaction between the research fellows, school teachers, and educators to discuss ideas on the introduction of soft robotics to school education in India.

November 30, 2019

Tinkerfest 2019 - A festival of creativity and innovation was celebrated in Atal Tinkering Lab participating schools - Mother’s International School - 2 students
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Public School - 5 Students along with science teacher Ms. Namrata. Activities:

  • Introduction of Tinkering and the journey of ATL of Apeejay School till now.
  • Know your ATL - Students visited the ATL lab and seen Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics tools and robotic DIY kits. After that students were given a task to recognise the tools.
  • Hands-On Session - There was a hands-on session for students in Electronics Components like LED, Battery, Circuit, and Buzzer. Students performed activities like glowing of LED, Alarm Circuit, Breadboard activities, Arduino projects like the blinking of LED and Traffic Light Project.
  • Break Time
  • Robotic Kit Project - Students made the project 4-wheel robotic car, and a racing competition was also held among the teams.



Name of Activity


A Workshop on ‘Convention to Empower Schools against Child Sexual Abuse’ was conducted at the IIT Lecture Hall. The programme started with the opening remark of Mr. Vikas Nautiyal (SAI – Social Axioms Insignia) who talked about the alarming statistic of CSA – both the boys and girls and apathy of various agencies in dealing with them. This was followed by various speakers highlighting the significance of implementing e-Possco in schools, identification & sensitive handling of cases at various levels, emotional & social trauma that a child faces and the role of a counsellor in protecting child from further damage. Mr. Yashpal S. Kalsi also talked about Physical Education and Self Defence and introducing Self Defence in School for girls from classes VI to X. Further discussion was on Project CACA wherein they discussed CACA Safety Workshop and teaching aids on CSA, followed by Nukkad Natak by Saksham NGO. The post lunch session also included open discussion followed by a talk by Educationist, Mr. Puran Chand, General Secretary CBSE, Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. A.K. Pandey, Chairperson, NPSE. Finally, they showed how Oman is implanting CSA is their CBSE Schools.


Mr. S.K. Yadav and Ms. Vandana Deepak participated in a Workshop on ‘Effective Teaching of Maths using Models’ conducted by Ratna Sagar Publishing House at Lal Bahadur Shastri School, R.K. Puram. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Hukum Singh, a renowned educationist. The Workshop brought out the mistakes commonly made while teaching Mathematics to students and emphasised on the use of models for teaching Maths in classes.

Ms. Shweta Roda attended a Workshop on ‘Effective Teaching Methodologies for 21st Century English Language Learner’ organised by the Cambridge University Press. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. CCN. Prakash, Sr. Consultant, ELT who highlighted effective reading techniques like collaborative reading and suggested various innovative ways like writing a grammar poem to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for Communicative Language Teaching in class. The Workshop also featured in a book launch of the latest series of English Textbooks by the Cambridge University Press.

24-11-2016 & 25-11-2016

A Workshop on ‘Business Studies of Class XII’ was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Sethi and Ms. Sanjukta Mukherjee at the CBSE Centre of Excellence, Guru Gram, Haryana. The following points were discussed:

  • To understand the changes in the syllabus of Business Studies for Class XII
  • To understand the difficult toipcs of the subject
  • To discuss the teaching pedagogies of the subject
  • To understand the typology of the questions and expectations of the CBSE regarding its answers
  • How to make the subject interesting among the students

The Workshop was attended by Mr. Jitender Narula, PGT (Accounts & B.Studies)


An interactive session on the ‘Role of Women in Politics’ was organised by the PHD House, New Delhi. Ms. Ritula Singh, Vice Principal and Ms. Anurag along with ten students attended the progamme. It was a knowledgeable and inspiring session.