New Delhi, July 02, 2022:On 2nd July 2022, a workshop was organised to discuss the different approaches teachers can adopt in a class to make the teaching-learning process an effective one. It was conducted by Ms Ritu Mehta, School Director, Mr Sandeep Kathuria, School Principal and Ms Shalini Agarwal, School Vice Principal.

The purpose of the workshop was to address the question of teachers' conduct and accountability in order to enhance the excellent academic performance of the students and in doing so meet the challenges of the 21st century. Some of the duties which teachers should perform in line with this expectation, includes using a well-developed curriculum, supervising the emotional needs of every student, continuing teachers’ professional development, following the right dress code and more.

New Delhi, March 13, 2021: An international webinar titled ‘Revisiting Languages: NEP 2020 & Beyond’ was organized by the Department of French, University of Mumbai (India) in collaboration with the French Institute in India (IFI) & Embassy of France in India on 13th March 2021. Ten subject specialists made their presentations on various themes such as Evolution of Foreign Languages and Recent Socio-Economic Developments which have affected major European languages. The lectures given were highly inspiring and thought-provoking. Moreover, the resource persons presented an overview of various research studies which they have conducted to study the recent developments in the teaching of foreign languages. The webinar was well-structured and highly organized. Ms. Abida Ahmad (TGT French) of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, attended the webinar and gathered a lot of new insights about the impact of migration on intra and inter-regional transformation of languages and dialects.