New Delhi, October 15, 2022: Apeeejy School, Panchsheel Park, organised an informative and enriching workshop on Career Options and Preparation for CUET on 15 October 2022 for parents and students of Classes XI and XII. The career coach, Mr Deepak Madan, familiarised the students with numerous career options after Class XII, the admission criteria of various universities and the three golden rules to crack any entrance exam.

The students were apprised about CUET- the Common University Entrance Test, an all-India examination to be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admissions in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various central & state universities of India. Mr Madan discussed various aspects of the exam comprehensively, including the CUET syllabus, courses, universities and colleges accepting CUET scores and how to prepare for the exam.

The entire session was not only deeply informative, but also opened various avenues for the students to explore. The session concluded with an interactive Question & Answer round.

New Delhi, October 09, 2022: The school hosted an Outreach programme, ‘Journey to microbial realms’ on 9 September 2022. It was organised by the Department of Microbiology from Ram Lal Anand College, University Delhi under the DBT Star College Scheme. Four Faculty members included Prof. Prerna Diwan, Dr Salome John, Dr Nidhi S Chandra and Dr Sunila Hooda, along with four student volunteers.

The programme aimed to provide an extended learning experience for the students of Class VIII, who learnt about micro-organisms in their biology curriculum. The venue of the event was Physics and Biology labs and was attended by more than 120 students.

Students learnt about the various microbial techniques e.g. preparation of slides, preparation of nutrient media for organisms, and the way they are cultured in laboratories. Students also saw a range of microbial specimens under the microscope.

The school believes that the students will develop an inclination for the field and envisions providing similar learning experiences in future that will help students to learn beyond the fixed content of the textbooks.