Student's Comments

East or West – Apeejay is the Best

Our school has witnessed a steep increase in the enthusiasm of the students on becoming the number 1 school in delhi. This renewed interest has started reflecting in all aspects of a students performance. Let’s hear straight from the students’ mouths:

With this renewed zeal and motivation of one and all, we are sure that we will take our school to the top and it will soon be kwon as the no. 1 institution.

In this School, I’ve learnt to share my things with my friends and to obey my parents and elders. All children of my school class do the same. When we are together, its like a family.

The motivational talks, stories and live demonstrations given to us during assemblies, have inspired me to understand the importance of being self-reliant. I try to do my day- to-day work on my own.

I try to be well- mannered and behave properly even outside school premises as I carry the name of my school wherever I go.

Smart and tidy uniforms of the students have a direct impact on the reputation of a school. I always wear a neat and clean uniform, polish my shoes every day and cut my nails regularly. My school is the best.

I shall do anything and everything possible to see my school on top. I make sure that no one talks loudly in the corridors and in classroom when teachers are not there. I also see to it that no one litters around .