School Prospectus is issued to the parents seeking admission in School. It contains brief details about the school and the facilities provided by the school.


The school Newsletter is published twice a year (October & March). It carries highlights of events/activities and achievements during the period.

E-Newsletter 2020-21 (First Issue)  |  E-Newsletter 2020-21 (Second Issue)
E-Newsletter 2019-20 (First Issue)  |  E-Newsletter 2019-20 (Second Issue)
E-Newsletter 2018-19 (First Issue)  |  E-Newsletter 2018-19 (Second Issue)

Annual Magazine:

  • The school magazine of Apeejay School Sheikh Sarai is printed and published annually. It provides an opportunity and a forum to express the latent and creative potential of the young and fresh minds.
  • It is consists of a variety of ideas in the form of Articles, Poems, Cartoons, Stories, presides our accomplishments in curricular and co-curricular areas.