Special Assembly is an integral part of one’s school curriculum. It is an effort towards boosting the students’ confidence and in providing a forum where the children can showcase their talents.

  • Class II A and II B presented their special assembly on 'Spring Season', where the flowers of different colours came alive on the stage
  • Class II C and II D presented a special assembly on ‘Good and Bad Touch’ – a very relevant topic in today's world. The students were shown different situations to enlighten them as to how to protect themselves from different mishaps around them

A similar presentation was also made by the students of classes III, IV and V. A small skit was enacted, depicting same situations children may have to face in their day-to-day life such as in school, while travelling in the van, bus, at home or at the market place. The purpose of this presentation was to make the children aware of similar awkward incidents happening in their environment.

  • Class III special assembly was on ‘Winter Season’
  • Class V special assemblies were on ‘Ram Navami’, ‘Dignity of Labour’, ‘Punctuality’ and ‘Republic Day’. Skits, dances, songs and computer presentations were the highlights of these assemblies