An innovative initiation by Apeejay Education Society on ‘Design Think’ that added another perspective to learning and education, in collaboration with Willem De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, was taken up in the month of April and May 2013. It had given us an opportunity to work with one of the interns from the academy, Ms. Ellan. In the pre-primary classes, she helped teachers in being a part of the activities done in the class rooms.

In the primary and middle classes, she was assisting the arts teacher, Ms. Harveen, in giving inputs for creating something new and making students think out-of-the-box.

She, along with another intern, Ms. Barbara took workshops for teachers comprising the pre- primary, primary and the middle school. They tried to explain about the ideology of design thinking in subjects like art, science & social studies.

Design-Think-Sessions-2 Design-Think-Sessions-2