New Delhi, April 9, 2021: There are many types of dance forms in India that are varied and different. On the third day of the Student Orientation, the kindergarteners performed the folk dance of different states like Goan, Punjabi Gidda & Bhangra, Kashmiri Rouf dance, Malayalam, Pahadhi, Bengali, etc. The main force behind the folk dances of India is the celebratory mood. Connecting the children to Indian culture through dance and celebrating the onset of the new session, folk dance activity was an appropriate thing to do. All the children were dressed up beautifully in colourful outfits and danced away to glory.

New Delhi, April 8, 2021: Under the Eco-Club, children of Class III participated in a Slogan Writing activity held on 8th April 2021. They made beautiful posters and discussed the need to have a clean & safe environment and also presented their views on the dos and don’ts. The teachers also discussed the importance of respecting the environment and Mother Nature.

New Delhi, March 2021: Children acquire a lot of knowledge through printing and painting activities. This is also a way for children to express emotion, convey ideas, use their senses and explore colours. Children always love to paint with unusual items. Giving them an opportunity, Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, conducted a ‘Leaf Printing' activity to teach primary students about fall leaves and colours. They creatively learned about the same through an open-ended gross-motor nature art activity. All the students actively participated and developed new perspectives towards the leaves.

Raising children is a big job. This project aimed at guiding children on the importance of keeping safe and healthy by following some good habits. Children were asked to compile their information in the form of an E-Pamphlet that can be shared with family and friends to convey the importance of health in day-to-day life. Often used in educational and cultural contexts, pamphlets are a valuable tool for sharing data and information. These pamphlets are designed to inform readers and customers about the topics most important to them, ranging from health & medical care to travel & tourism. Children used MS-Word application to create and design this useful document. They enjoyed working with various new formatting techniques and manipulating text and graphics to make it attractive and informative. This project helped them understand the importance of good health and allowed them to express their concern for others. They also appreciated the role of information technology in the field of desktop publishing.

Manipulating text and graphics are fun!

Comic strips often express messages or provide glances of events or stories. Comics and cartoons are texts that have been around for a long time. Children enjoy reading and sharing them! Cartoons and comics are approachable because they combine both words and images.

Children were encouraged to read different comics available on Google. They comprehended many different things in different ways and were able to organise their ideas and combine, pictures, captions, and dialogues to depict their story. This activity enhanced their creativity and also stimulated their imagination. The students were very enthusiastic during the whole activity and performed the activity in a play way manner. Children learnt new techniques while having fun!