New Delhi, July 2021: In an activity, students were asked to gather information about the conventional symbols used in maps. To further enhance their understanding, the students were asked to draw, colour, and label these conventional symbols in their notebooks. They presented the same in the class.

New Delhi, July 2021: It is important for students to realise that adaptation is essential for the survival of every living organism. Keeping this in mind, the students of Class IV were encouraged to make a lotus flower using origami paper and wax crayons. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity. They first coloured the paper using wax crayons and then made beautiful lotus flowers using the paper folding technique.

New Delhi, July 2021: The best way to teach mathematics concepts is to make them learn experientially. The students of Class III displayed ascending and descending order by arranging the materials available in their surroundings like paper strips, pencils, and straws. This activity helped children to connect mathematical concepts with their everyday life. The children performed the activities with great enthusiasm and presented them creatively.

New Delhi, July 2021: Students of Class II used their creativity and ideas to make an ABACUS. They all participated with great enthusiasm and also spoke a few lines about the ABACUS.

New Delhi, July 2021: An Art Integrated Learning Activity was conducted for the students of Class III to know about the physical features of our country India. The students had drawn & pasted pictures of various landforms found in India on a chart paper and spoke about these landforms in the class. It was a great learning experience for the students as they understood that the entire country has different landforms.