New Delhi, Aug 2021: Children were taught the concept of 'Prepositions' through an activity, wherein they demonstrated the position of nouns by using any stuffed toy and other supporting objects. Students wonderfully used various prepositions by making meaningful sentences and demonstrating the same.

New Delhi, August 2021: Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, took the opportunity to salute and honour motherhood, the greatest role and one that brings the humane into humanity. If God has indeed created human beings as his replicas, the mother must be the truest representation of his image. The relationship between a mother and child is a life-long bond of selfless love, care, and faith that provides the bedrock of a person's character. She is our first social relationship, our first teacher, and our truest love, the image of an ideal woman in our lives.

Children of Class V B have given tribute to mothers. The various items included in the special assembly were the new headlines, word of the day, thought of the day, yoga, exercises, instrumental music, song, poem, dance, skit, and a video presentation by the children.

The assembly started with Surya namaskar wherein children demonstrated the twelve aasanas. The yoga session was followed by a musical exercise drill performed by the children. A video was shown in which children described their mother in one word and spoke about why they love their mother. The highlight of the assembly was a short skit ’Apple of My Eye’ which was presented by the children depicting how important is the presence of a mother in a child’s life. The children sang a beautiful and emotional song, ‘Ungali Pakad Ke….’ which touched everyone’s heart. The song was followed by a Hindi poem which was recited beautifully by the child. The children performed a beautiful dance sequence that enthralled the audience. The program ended with the vote of thanks appreciating the students and teachers presenting the items.

The purpose of conducting the assembly was to show gratitude to all the beautiful mothers and to teach children to love and respect them.

The assembly got everyone emotional and was enjoyed by all.

To inculcate the feeling of patriotism in our future generation, the Primary Department of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park organised online activities for the young Apeejayites to mark the occasion of the country's 75th Independence Day.

The enthusiastic children came dressed in tricolour attire for the virtual storytelling session - I am a Patriot. Children presented stories related to patriotism with pride for the country. They were dressed in tricolour attire and used props to make their stories interesting.

They were made familiar with our national symbols, the significance of our tricolour national flag, and our national anthem through engaging interactive discussions, pictures, and props. They were also told about the flag hoisting ceremony and celebrations on 15 August to commemorate this national festival.

New Delhi, July 2021:In an activity, the students of Class II pasted pictures of five games on A-4 size paper which they play with their dear friends.

New Delhi, July 2021: It is rightly said - Sow a plant, Sow a life! We, at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park - Pre-Primary Wing, try to inculcate values in our children. Kindergarten students planted a sapling each to inaugurate the 'Monsoon Masti'. They were also told about the importance of planting trees and how their little efforts can lead to a big difference in the environment.