Every colour has a beauty that reflects onto life in different ways and to make children reveal the presence of different colours of nature, preschool takes them around a rainbow of different colours every week wherein fun-filled learning activities related to the theme are created.

The Kindergarteners of Apeejay School enthusiastically participated in a 'Rhyme Recitation Activity' as they got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The activity inspired the young ones to come forward and recite their rhymes during an online Zoom session. The students came up with different rhymes on the theme ‘My Neighbourhood’ and recited them with great fondness and zeal. They truly enjoyed the perfection of expression, thoughts, emotions, rhythm, and music of words.

Students of Kindergarten level donned their 'Chef Caps’ to exhibit their culinary skills in ‘Cooking without Fire’ and made nutritious yet delectable delicacy 'Corn chat’. They learnt about the nutritive value and hygiene elements of the product. The delight on the faces of the budding chefs was a sight to see, especially when they discovered tangy creation.