New Delhi, May 03, 2023: To teach the importance of yellow colour to our pre-schoolers, yellow colour day was celebrated. Our tiny tots and teachers were dressed in yellow attires. The students participated in activities such as identifying and naming the different yellow coloured objects in their classroom. They were also given a box of different coloured beads where they had to sort the yellow coloured beads and string them. The students also sang rhymes.

New Delhi, May 02, 2023: The students conducted a science experiment on the concept of float and sink. A tub half-filled with water was taken and the students put inside objects like pebble, twig, leaf, spoon, ball and feather. The students observed the things which settled down had sunk and the objects which were on the top of the water were floating. This hands-on experiment helped the students to understand the said concept.

New Delhi, April 21, 2023: A germination activity was conducted in the school to celebrate the Earth Day. A morning assembly was conducted where Class I students shared an inspiring thought, introduced new word to the students, recited a poem, gave a presentation on the significance of World Earth Day and meaningful message to the students. They also participated in fun activity where they made recycled paper and used it to create a collage of the earth with their hand impressions. The activity helped students understand the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.

New Delhi, April 18, 2023: Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park organised a day trip for Delhi Darshan to historic sites for students of Class I. They were taken on a tour of Delhi's various landmarks, including Humayun's Tomb, Purana Qila, Red Fort and India Gate to enhance the awareness of our cultural heritage.

New Delhi, March, 2023: The month of March to beat the heat was loaded with activities, amusement and joy for Nursery kids, Kindergarteners and Class I students. Various activities provided children to enhance different skills like exploring their senses, making healthy choices, socialising with other children, concentration skills and many more. The Summer Carnival was a break from their everyday routine.