December 05, 2022: Recently, our School celebrated the Walk Disney Day where the tiny tots of Pre-Primary were all geared up in the Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Elsa to name a few. The beautiful and lively characters of Disney marched with the drum beats holding posters of Disney Land and Disney Fashionista.

October 31, 2022: On the occasion of Halloween Day, a fun-filled exciting Fancy Dress Activity was conducted in the Pre- Primary Department. The students came dressed in various outfits to mark the welcome of good spirits and drive away the bad spirits in their lives. They came dressed up as Superheroes, Fairies, Witches, Goblins, Mummy, Vampires, little monsters and other interesting characters walking around.

The students got the opportunity to go trick or treating, enjoy candy, and dance at a Halloween party. Excited faces were seen as children posed for photographs. They were briefed about the importance of the day.

The event was organised to help students pursue and enhance their knowledge in a fun-filled manner and encourage them to appreciate differences in cultures and customs and also to make them aware of global festivals and values.

October 31, 2022: Recently, a Science Experiment was conducted to make students aware about germs and how to get rid of them. These experiments are great to help for our little scientists to learn the importance of using soap when washing hands and washing hands literally makes washing of “germs” with this simple fun science demonstration.

Students were amazed at this simple and great visual science demonstration and show interest to wash their hands again and again without being cranky.

October 19, 2022: Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated in the Pre- Primary wing today. The students were made aware about the importance of washing their hands. They were also told when to wash their hands, before and after having meals. After the use of washroom and how.

The video was shown and they were made to wash their hands under the taps step wise.

They enjoyed and learnt the correct way of washing hands.

October 18, 2022: Picnics are a fun way to engage the kids. Students of Nursery and Class I went for an excursion to Play Box. They were excited and could not resist running towards the attractive play area. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing different activities and were thrilled to be a part of the dance session. The tiny tots were full of enthusiasm even at the end of the day.