New Delhi, Aug 19, 2021: To celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brother and sister, a special assembly on 'Rakshabandhan' was conducted at the pre-school level. Pre-schoolers spoke a few lines on the significance of the festival and how the eternal bond between a brother and sister is celebrated in India. They also presented dances and songs. As an extended activity , younglings made beautiful rakhis. The vibrant, colourful attires and innocent smiles brightened the ambience and lifted everyone's spirit.

New Delhi, July 2021: Rainy day is always a fun time for the kids even if it is celebrated in the school. The rains bring with it, everything that gives you a happy and content feeling.

The little ones made paper boats of different colours and sizes. They floated their boat in a bowl of water and sang the song 'Haiya O haiya O.... Pani mei chali meri choti si nayya hoo....'

New Delhi, July 2021: Like outdoor games, indoor games also physically and morally develop the all-round personality of the player. Keeping this in mind, various indoor water games were organised for the tiny tots during the 'Monsoon Masti Mela'. The younglings got a chance to be messy while playing water games like fill the glasses with water, fishing for toys, rainbow making, etc. It was a perfect fun activity that improved a player's concentration skills, foresight, and thinking abilities.

New Delhi, Jan 2021: To strengthen the verbal skills and to foster public speaking competency of our young minds, a show and tell activity on the theme 'States of India' was conducted at the Kindergarten level.

The little ones depicted different states of India and spoke about the cultural heritage, capital, language, food, dresses, and monuments of that state.

It was an interesting & thrilling experience for the kids to share information about their hometown and discover the power of spoken words.

Storytelling is a unique way and plays a vital role in the growth and development of students. It is one of the most powerful means that teachers have to influence, teach, and inspire.