Our Commitments

The idea of Naman whose literal meaning is “Namaskar” was conceived with the idea of bringing teenagers close to the elderly people living in the vicinity of the school. These people long for company and we help them disburden their stressed minds and at the same time make us realize the value of experience in life and the importance of loving and caring for parents who have spent their vital life years in nurturing the needs of their children. The Interactors of classes VIIl, lX and XI are divided into groups which become the extended families to the senior citizens whom we visit once a week. We were privileged to have them amongst us on the occasion of Diwali, part of our meetings of the interact club, and the Annual Day celebrations.

A group of students from the above countries visited our school and interacted with the students of Primary school. They were a part of a cultural exchange program wherein our students learnt about various aspects of their respective countries. Students of classes XI and XII attended a workshop organized by the other group of this program. The workshop was conducted to create awareness about HIV / AIDS.

Unused paper left over in copies and practical files of the students is used to make new copies out of them. The old charts put up in the classes are utilized to make covers for these copies (using the unused side). This way we not only reuse but also recycle paper.

Our Interactors helped Muskaan , an organization for the mentally challenged in setting up a stall on every Parent Teacher Meeting day for the sale of various items like spices, pulses, pickles, stationery items etc.

As Diwali approached we helped Muskaan in setting up a stall in the school, where candles, diyas, cards, wrapping paper, cakes, biscuits were sold.