To provide students with opportunities to work in self – defined ways, towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way as individuals.

  1. Individual
  2. Group
  3. Family
  4. Institution

The Sessionstake up a holisticapproach considering social, emotional, cultural and economic issues. This process is generally concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions and coping with crisis situations.

  1. Evaluation of Guidance Needs.
  2. Educational issues.
  3. Personal and Social development Capsules
  4. Adolescent Counselling.
  5. Session on coping strategies.
  6. Peer Counselling.
  7. Psychological testing
  8. Career counselling and awareness programme
  9. Regular class interaction for life skills development
  10. Organising Teachers and Students workshop.
  11. Dealing with physically challenged students for emotional and supportive counselling.