Primary - Events

New Delhi, March 21, 2014: The School celebrated its Primary Annual Appreciation Day, Renaissance, in March 2014. More than 400 children participated in this programme, showcasing their talents. The programme was an effort to bring about a change in the condition of our neglected planet, Mother Earth.

The function began with the customary lighting of diya, seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The School Principal, Mr. A.P. Sharma, addressed the audience, followed by a welcome address by the Primary teacher In-charge, Ms. Vandana Kumar. A computer presentation showcased the activities of the little through the year 2013-14. The programme was filled with vibrant and colourful dances including classical dance, folk dance, Waka-Waka dance, Jazz dance and Salsa dance. Parents were thrilled to see mind blowing Yoga, skating and pyramid formations. The English and Hindi choir presented melodious songs and the rocking orchestra held the audience spell bound. The play, ‘Our Earth’, brought out the theme beautifully that nature gives plenty for everyone's need but not for their greed.

Students were also awarded and appreciated for their meritorious performance in academics and co-curricular activities. The grand finale brought all the participants together to the tune of ‘We are children, happy and gay' .The activity in-charge proposed a vote of thanks. The function was well-attended by parents, grandparents and teachers of other schools.


New Delhi, December 23, 2013: A special class assembly on Christmas was conducted by all the sections of Class V wherein a colourful and entertaining programme was presented by the children. It included depiction of the celebration of Christmas through a play. The actual essence of Christmas which is the joy of giving, sharing and caring, was depicted by a small story enacted by a group of students. The story of Christmas, which is the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, was enacted by the children and was accompanied by the singing of Christmas carols.

The entire programme was supported by a beautiful PowerPoint presentation as a backdrop. The stage decoration was mesmerising, complete with stars, Christmas trees, bells, gifts and lights. The audience ranging from classes I to IV was spellbound and they enjoyed thoroughly.

grandparents-day-New Delhi, December 13, 2013: As a part of the school’s yearly activities, this year also the school celebrated Grandparent's Day which saw mass participation of students from Nursery, K.G. and Class I. Students of Class I performed a dance drill on the folk songs of different states which were immensely enjoyed by the grandparents. There were races for the grandparents where the grandmothers of Nursery and K.G. had to walk with their grandchildren, hand in hand and the grandfathers had their balance races. Similarly, grandparents of Class I also had some races. The prizes were given to the winners by the school principal and the chief guest, to the oldest grandparent. The programme concluded by giving a special prize and the grandparents danced & enjoyed their day with a cup of tea and refreshments.

New Delhi, December 11, 2013: Class IV C conducted a special assembly which included a talk on Guru Nanak Devji followed by the thought of the day and news. The play, based on the life of Guru Nanak Devji, was the centre of attraction of the assembly which was the combined efforts of teachers and students.

guru-purab guru-purab

New Delhi, November 14, 2013: Class III D conducted the special assembly on the occasion of Children’s Day, showcasing a talk, poem, action song & enactment of an anecdote related to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The children also performed a dance to celebrate Children's Day. There was also a computer presentation on Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.