Primary - Events

New Delhi, September 25, 2014: A colourful and vibrant assembly on Navratra was presented by the students of Class III A in the school auditorium. It was an effort to showcase the diverse culture of India wherein one festival is celebrated in varied ways in the different parts of the country. The assembly also included an enactment accompanied by a computer presentation based on the celebration of the Navratri Puja and Ramlila of the North, Garba Festival of the West, Dussehra of the South and Durga Puja of the East. The programme concluded with a mesmerising dance drama which illustrated the victory of good over evil depicting Ma Durga killing the evil demon, Mahishasur.


New Delhi, September 4, 2014: The Teacher’s Day assembly was conducted by students of Class V B in the school auditorium which started with Saraswati Vandana, followed by a group song. A computer presentation, displaying old pictures of teachers, revived nostalgic memories and was well-appreciated by the students as well. Students also presented flowers to their teachers and recited few lines in their praise.


New Delhi, September 2014: Class IV A conducted a special assembly on the theme ’Good Touch & Bad Touch’ wherein the whole class participated enthusiastically as the primary class students were shown various situations depicting the good and bad touches. The students were also educated with the help of chart boards and clippings about the different parts of the body which can be touched and which should not be touched by anyone. It was followed by a PowerPoint presentation and a small animated movie based on the theme. It was an informative assembly.


New Delhi, August 27, 2014: The students of Class V A presented a special assembly on ‘Janamashtami’ in the school auditorium. The programme included the thought of the day, news headlines, a devotional song, dances and a musical skit which depicted the story of Lord Krishna and his birth. The skit was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

It enlightened the students with the fact that where ever there is Adharama, God reincarnates in various forms. The thought of the day conveyed the universal message of ‘Gita’ which implies ‘Do your task and don't wish for the result’. The programme culminated in a ‘Rasleela’ performed by students dressed up as Lord Krishna and his gopiswhich enthralled the audience.


New Delhi, August 23, 2014: An exhibition was held in the school to showcase and appreciate the wonderful project work done by the students during the summer break. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Waste Management’. The exhibition, a grand show, included participation from all primary school students who got an opportunity to express their ideas and display their creativity & talent during the exhibition. They displayed charts, models, book reviews, projects and cursive handwriting. Some students also dressed up as characters from various story books as well as the famous authors and poets. Many came dressed up as people from different countries like Italy, Egypt, Japan, Argentina, U.K., Mexico, etc. and spoke about their respective lifestyles, cultures, dances, festivals, food, etc. The exhibition was a great success as a large number of parents came and appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers.