Primary - Events

New Delhi, December 1, 2014: The School observed Reading Day, themed 'One Nation Reading Together', wherein students took the pledge written by Amish Tripathi in English and Hindi. The teachers read out stories from books for the tiny tots and other classes did silent reading. Students also wrote about their favourite books on the Graffiti placed in the library.

Books make our lives richer, brighter & better and this was truly celebrated by spreading the message of 'Reading 30 Minutes a Day' wherein students read books and showcased the message, 'Read to Grow'.

The students wrote on Graffiti about their favourite author & book, importance of reading, why they like reading or anything related to reading.

New Delhi, November 19, 2014: Class III B conducted a special assembly on ‘Joy of Giving’ in the school auditorium which started with a motivating thought, followed by a beautiful poem on how it feels when we give our things to the needy.

The students also enacted two thematic plays. The first play conveyed the message – If we want happiness, we need to give happiness to others. The second play, started with an action song titled ‘If you are happy and you know...’ was based on the following quote

Nothing in nature is for itself,
Rivers don't drink their water,
Trees don't eat their fruit,
Sun doesn't use its heat,
Giving and living for others is the way of life.

The students of Class III B presented an enjoyable dance on the song, ‘Kisiki muskurahato pe...’ in which a boy was giving gifts to the needy. The audience was shown a small video on the joy of giving. Last, but not the least, the young performers of Class III B were delighted and thrilled by the words of encouragement and appreciation by the Primary In-charge and the audience.


New Delhi, November 2014: NIE organised an educational visit for the students of classes III to V to the Gandhi Museum situated at Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi. The students, accompanied by their class teachers, were mesmerised by the scenic beauty and the cleanliness of the ashram. The museum presents historical events of Gandhi Ji's life through pictures, newspaper clippings, movies, etc. which enlightened the young minds. Many personal belongings of Gandhi Ji like walking stick, shawl, charkha, spectacles, etc. were on display. Many photographs, sculptures, paintings, inscriptions on rocks and relics related to the years Gandhi Ji spent there were also displayed. The museum showcases various important events of Gandhiji's life and lays emphasis on the values he preached like Truth, Non-Violence, Tolerance, etc. through digital multimedia. The students were excited to see the 3D representations depicting the various life events of Gandhi Ji’s life like Dandi March, Salt Satyagraha, Quit India Movement, etc. In all, it was an enjoyable, enlightening and educational experience for the students.

New Delhi, November 14, 2014: A special assembly was conducted by the students of Class II A on the occasion of Children's Day. The programme started with the Ganesh Vandana wherein students presented a melodious group song ‘Nanhe Munhe Kahlate Hum’. A play was also presented emphasising the values cherished by Chacha Nehru which gave the message of following the path of truthfulness and honesty amongst children. A computer presentation depicted the different fun activities organised in the school on that day. To conclude, a dance performance was held on a foot tapping number.


New Delhi, November 5, 2014: Class III C conducted a special assembly on ‘Guru Parv’ in the school auditorium which started with the ‘Nagar Kirtan’. The Panch Pyare and the other students, dressed as devotees sang the Shabad. Two students, dressed as Granthis, were sitting in one corner of the stage with the holy book, ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’.

After the Shabad, there was an enlightening talk on the importance of ‘Guru Parv’ in our life followed by the news headlines of the last 24 hours. The students also enacted two plays on – Sri Guru Nanak’s teachings depicting that his disciples followed him like a shadow and Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago which highlighted the values to earn livelihood by honest means and serve the poor selflessly.

The students also highlighted the importance of ‘Kartik Purnima’ falling on the eve of Guru Nanak Ji’s birthday through a talk. The programme came to an end with the enthusiastic and praise worthy Bhangra dance by the students.

Last, but not the least, the students were visibly delighted and thrilled by the words of encouragement and appreciation of their performance by the Primary in-charge and the audience.