Primary - Events

Children prepared beautiful cards for their mothers in the Art & Craft class by using different styles of crafts and expressed their love. Children and their mothers participated in various activities. Children and their mothers (classes II and III) also dressed up in an attire of their choice. The children prepared a few lines for their mother and dedicated them in front of the class. They expressed their feelings by reciting poems, presenting cards, enactments, etc. Some children presented beautiful songs and dances for their mothers.

Children of classes IV and V prepared one dish for their mother and presented them in front of their classmates. Little master chefs prepared delicious dishes and were happy to serve their mother.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers at Apeejay created a virtual joy world for the children and celebrated their birthdays with joy, fun, and laughter.

The Primary Wing of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, celebrated International Dance Day on April 29, 2020. Children enthusiastically participated in the celebration by presenting dance performances on their favourite songs.

Minerva - the winter carnival of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, was held in December. Mr Hitesh Kewalya, Screenplay Dialogue Writer, Lyricist & Director of television shows, was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Ms Rachana Nagrath Sawhney, Mrs Glamorous International 2018 & Ms Photogenic 2017 (India) was the Guest of Honour. An array of edible delights, raffle draw, and exciting prizes ensured an unforgettable time with near and dear ones.

New Delhi, Oct. 1, 2018: Students from Class V C presented a short assembly on ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ – focused on educating children about the primary teachings and values of Mahatma Gandhi. The various items presented included news headlines, the word of the day, the thought of the day, Gandhi Ji’s favourite bhajan and an enactment of some important events in his life. A skit showcased some important events in Gandhi Ji's life which were a turning point in India's freedom struggle and contributed significantly towards making India a free country. Students enthusiastically participated in the assembly.

Apeejay School Sheikhsarai Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 2018