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New Delhi, Oct 4, 2021: Founder’s Day is traditionally very important in the School calendar when members of the school community – management, staff, students, and friends – meet to revere those who founded the School and who have bequeathed resources to its development. An atmosphere of celebration filled the School when the students and teachers gathered virtually to celebrate the Founder’s Day 2021 - 102 birth anniversary of our Founder Chairman, Dr. Stya Paul who was a visionary mentor, motivator, philanthropist, educationalist, and freedom fighter. The day was celebrated with fervour, zest, and enthusiasm in the School.

The fiesta commenced on a tranquil note with the offering of flowers as a tribute to the divine soul followed by the rendition of the mellifluous tribute through self-composed poems and dance by senior wing students. Chairman Sir's favourite bhajans were presented by the senior and primary choir group.

Principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta addressed the gathering and read Mrs Sushma Paul Berlia's (Chairman, Apeejay Education) message on Founder's Day. She also spoke to the children about the life of Dr Stya Paul, his hard work, and his philosophy of life. Mr. D.K. Bedi, Education Officer, Apeejay Education, also joined the celebrations. In his address, he shared his experience of working with sir. His vision of value-based holistic education, focusing on acquiring thinking skills and 'learning how to learn for life' was truly global, transcending the confines of state and country. His philanthropy and generosity knew no bounds, and throughout his life, he helped the physically handicapped and the needy with financial help and educational/vocational opportunities, thus enabling them to join the mainstream.

A skit was conducted by the Primary Wing children on the life and values of our visionary Founder Chairman. Through the skit, children showcased his life, challenges, hard work, and his success story.

A beautiful homage was presented by tiny tots of the Pre-Primary Wing. Five students of the middle, secondary, and senior secondary school were awarded Dr Stya Paul Award for Human Values. Children were awarded cash prizes along with certificates. The program culminated with a galore of Founder Chairman Sir's favourite bhajans followed by Ramdhun. Everyone in the School remembered him as a true karmayogi and as an epitome of love.

New Delhi, August 15, 2021: The students of Class III-A presented an Online Special Assembly on the topic 'Patriotism' to salute the indomitable spirit of Indian freedom fighters who have left behind a legacy of courage, valour and never-say-die spirit by emphasising the need to rise above the social evils prevailing in our present society. The various items in the special assembly included word & thought of the day, poem, yoga, physical exercises, song, instrumental music, dance, interview session and skit presentation by the children.

New Delhi, August 24, 2021: “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” - Dolly Patron

Education combined with leadership qualities helps young minds to overcome insurmountable difficulties to become great leaders. In the words of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, “The future of the nation is developed in the classrooms” – To strengthen these words and inculcate and infuse the sense of responsibility in the students who are the futuristic citizens of the nation, new members of the Prefectorial Board of the Senior Wing, Middle Wing and the Primary Wing were selected.

The Investiture Ceremony of the Students’ Council for the Senior, Middle, and Primary Wing for Session 2020-21 was held on August 24, 2021. Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers.

Dr. Ankita Chakravarty, IAS, District Magistrate (South), Government of NCT of Delhi was the Chief Guest. She spoke to the newly elected council team and told them to become role models for others and perform duties selflessly. She also mentioned in her conversation that the greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things but they are the ones who get the people to do the greatest things.

Mr. Aditya Berlia, Guest of Honour, Co-Promotor, Apeejay Stya & Svran Group, Co-Founder and Pro-Chancellor, Apeejay Stya University congratulated the Council and also acknowledge the faculty for seamlessly adapting to the virtual mode of teaching-learning. He complimented the students for putting up a thoughtful show. He asserted the importance of reading in the development of one`s personality. He shared his personal experiences, the role of discipline, courtesy and forthrightness in life, and the futility of complaining. He warmly encouraged the students to contribute to society through caring for the underprivileged and specially-abled.

Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Principal, Vice Principal, and Primary In-charge invested the new appointees with their position of authority. As the investiture ceremony was conducted virtually, every member was introduced on the screen with their photographs, designation, achievement, and their aim for the post. Donning the mantle of accountability, council members took the pledge to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities.

Outgoing Head Boy(Senior) Ansh Ahuja, Outgoing Head Girl (Senior) Dolly Malhotra, spoke about their experiences and learning. They mentioned that being a council member, it was very important to achieve the balance between the role as a leader and a friend. The positions given to them had boosted their confidence and helped them to grow as an individual and as a leader. Their role taught them the importance of being organised and meticulous and helped them in planning and coordination skills. It also taught them to take everyone's opinion and take the team along. Although it was difficult at times to balance everyday life with the responsibilities of the position, yet the experience helped them to learn a lot and develop their unique leadership styles.

Newly elected Head Boy (Senior) Aryaman Jaiman, Head Girl (Senior) Gauri Sharma Head Boy (Middle) Abbas Hasnain, Head Girl (Middle) Sarah Rahman, Head Boy (Primary) Swarnim Prabhat, Head Girl (Primary) Eshana Pahwa have taken the charge of the office with a lot of promises and shared their plans. Virtual Learning and Collaboration were the centers of everyone's message. They spoke about their plans of helping their fellow mates and the school in its swift operation in this new online, learning and upholding the values of the school and fulfilling all expectations with sincerity. They also spoke about this year's adversities and the need to see opportunities in them.

Principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta congratulated the new Council team and their parents and advised the Prefectorial board to create an amicable and collaborative atmosphere for every child. As a leader, they have to find a solution to everyone's problem and the avenues to help and groom everyone. She told students to follow the footsteps of our great leaders, our founder chairman Dr. Stya Paul Ji, and his daughter Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Chairman, Apeejay Education, who are the role models for the Student's Council to emulate. Their innumerable qualities of compassion, patience, and determination embedded in human values motivate all of us year after year.

Let these words inspire them, motivate them, encourage them and empower them to be the best they can be! The school management and parents lauded the Apeejay team for its commendable show of unity and creativity, manifest in the presentation of the virtual event.

Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, commemorated the 75th Independence Day by organising a virtual Independence Day celebration. Principal, Mrs. Ritu Mehta hoisted the flag on the School campus with echoes of ‘Vande Matram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. The whole School witnessed the flag hoisting online like any other Independence Day celebration. Children were not present physically in the School fields to celebrate this day but they celebrated it on a virtual platform with the same spirit. Every child attended a virtual assembly and paid tribute to our freedom fighters. Triumphs of patriotic songs and vows touched everyone's heart. The students of all the classes along with their teachers resolved to offer their tribute to each one of them and, also acknowledge the efforts put in by all the Covid warriors during these unprecedented times, to safeguard our nation.

A plethora of presentations by the children ‘Rang Tarang’ - an instrumental medley, folk fusion dance, yoga, aerobics, and a rhythmical band rendition filled everyone's heart with the feeling of patriotism and nationalism.

Class-wise assemblies were organised and children presented a colorful cultural extravaganza which was a kaleidoscope of their commitment and dedication towards their nation. The entire School was soaked in the spirit of festivity and patriotism. The students showcased their commitment to heralding a new era for India by presenting – ‘SATYAMEV JAYATE, TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPHS'.

Speaking on the occasion, the Principal wished to see all the Apeejay students honouring their commitment towards their nation so that it rises to unparalleled fame and glory all across the globe. She talked about the role of education in empowering the youth so that they can take the baton of government in their hands to take India into a superior surging arena. She also affirmed that we should reverentially remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of an ever shining India.

The Pre-Primary and Primary section celebrated Independence Day with a galore of activities in a week-long celebration in which children participated in Tricolor Origami, Rangometry, and 'Living Legends'. It was a memorable and rejuvenating experience for all.