Primary - Events

New Delhi, March 2021: The importance of respecting and showing affection towards your environment and Mother Nature can never be underestimated. To inculcate the habit of loving our environment, the ENVIRO DRIVE activity was conducted. Children from Class IV planted trees, wrote slogans, and expressed their feelings with poems on the environment.

New Delhi, March 2021: There is no limit to what women can accomplish. To embrace the astound of a woman, the young Apeejayites celebrated Women's Day with great enthusiasm as they thanked each woman for bringing in the colours of strength, power, balance, warmth, affection, wisdom, motivation, and knowledge through their everlasting aura and presence. The idea to jubilate this impactful day was also to bring in the awareness on gender equality and how we must change the way we perceive the strength of women by standing strong with courage in acceptance that the universe wouldn't be shimmering as bright as it does without women.

New Delhi, Feb 5, 2021: The School observed ‘National Road Safety’ month from 18th January to 17th February 2021. As part of the same, the Interact Club of the School had organised an interactive online Zoom session with the resource person - Mr. Sunil Sen, Delhi Police, Traffic Department, on 5th February 2021 to guide the students of classes IV and V about the importance of road safety and rules they should be following in sync with the Traffic Department, Delhi Police.

Children prepared beautiful cards for their mothers in the Art & Craft class by using different styles of crafts and expressed their love. Children and their mothers participated in various activities. Children and their mothers (classes II and III) also dressed up in an attire of their choice. The children prepared a few lines for their mother and dedicated them in front of the class. They expressed their feelings by reciting poems, presenting cards, enactments, etc. Some children presented beautiful songs and dances for their mothers.

Children of classes IV and V prepared one dish for their mother and presented them in front of their classmates. Little master chefs prepared delicious dishes and were happy to serve their mother.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers at Apeejay created a virtual joy world for the children and celebrated their birthdays with joy, fun, and laughter.