Pre Primary - Events

It is said that there are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it, and that was well-proved by the students of Class I who presented a spectacular Mini Plant Exhibition - The Green Charm. The Mini Plant Exhibition was presented with a majestic touch of virtuoso by the students of Class I, presenting each phase of viridescent with such ace, explaining the plants' cycle - how a seed germinates to how it reproduces and different factors responsible for its healthy growth. Children spoke about different functions that various parts of a plant perform, describing the process of photosynthesis as well as a science experiment on transpiration. Students also shed light on the facts on the genesis of Mother Nature. The exhibition ascended ahead gloriously when a student presented that plants are a part of the medicinal aspect as well. They showed various herbal remedies that can be used as a lifesaver to fight the ongoing pandemic. Further, all the spectators were taken to a Fruit Mart where the fruits seller awaited them to speak about the goodness of health. The Mini Plant Exhibition was an amalgamation and depiction of vital gifts that are bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. This was presented through outstanding dances and school songs.

A summer carnival was organised to bring in the sweltry summer with an amusement that can fill every little heart with great felicity. Tiny tots beat the heat by welcoming summer with their vogue and a few dressed up in breezy summer attires bringing in the refrigerant vibe to the carnival. Health was also kept in mind as they cut a watermelon to inaugurate the carnival in the most efficient way displaying their knowledge of nutritious living and celebrating the scorching heat with a fruit that holds hydrating and cooling benefits. The carnival reached its epitome when kids took it to the next level showcasing their knowledge about the same by speaking about all the summer essentials. They also danced to the tunes of songs welcoming summer. The brightness of the sun was dancing through each little heart holding in the spirit to enjoy the delight that summer brings in.

New Delhi, Oct 3, 2020: The Kindergarteners celebrated the theme 'Truth and Non-Violence' coinciding with the birth anniversary of Gandhi ji - the Father of our Nation and lovingly called Bapu.

The tiny tots delivered short speeches and bhajans highlighting the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi and conveyed his noble messages in the most effective and influential manner. Through the presentation and poem, the teachers stressed the value of speaking no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil.

Confident little ones depicted the vision of Gandhi ji's 'Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ through their drawings and gave catchy slogans and took a pledge to follow it in their lives.

This occasion was a great opportunity to acquaint our younglings without the history of our country.

New Delhi, Sep 27, 2020: We, at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, celebrated the most eternal bond a daughter shares with her mother, a relation that speaks the trillion feelings of warmth, affection, love and faith shared unconditionally with each other.

With the motto, 'Each one, teach one' , Literacy Day was celebrated at the Kindergarten level on 8th September 2020. The concept of literacy was elaborated among students in the morning assembly wherein they were told about the importance of learning how to read and write.

The creative hands of Kindergarteners made beautiful book marks. At the end, all the students promised to help educate atleast one person who is not as fortunate as them to receive education.

In another activity, children formed secret sentences and words through a pictorial quiz.