Pre Primary - Events

New Delhi, Aug. 24, 2018: The School's auditorium stage looked bright and colourful in the second parent orientation programme wherein students delivered their first performance on the theme 'Triumphant India'. A session was also conducted by Senior Psychologist, Dr Pramit Rastogi, to address the concerns of parents as he gave them useful tips for ‘Parenting in 2019’.

New Delhi, November 29, 2014: As a culmination to the ISA activities’ programme, the ISA Carnival – 'MELT' was organised. As part of the carnival, Class KG students were familiarised with four countries, i.e. Brazil, Russia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The carnival had stalls of these countries where the children's work was showcased. Students of Class KG B were dressed up as Japanese and welcomed the visitors in Japanese language. The famous tea ceremony was also performed by a student and her mother. There were other pairs of students and mothers who talked about the other features of the country. The Japanese dance was an added attraction.

Students of Class KG A were dressed up as Arabians and greeted the visitors in their traditional manner. Pairs of students and parents talked about the features and tradition of the country. The visitors were also familiarised with the food delicacies and the Arabian dance captured the hearts of many.

Students of Class KG D were dressed up as Brazilian footballers showcasing the game. The visitors were greeted in the Brazilian language and stories from Brazil were narrated by them.

Students of Class KG C were dressed up as Russians and greeted the visitors in their traditional manner. Stories from Russia were also narrated by the students. The Russian ballerinas were an addition to the glamour. A puppet theatre had been put up where puppet shows depicting the stories of Brazil and Russia were showcased. Santa Claus also made an appearance in the carnival, shaking hands and distributing sweets to the little ones. The carnival was a huge success and fulfilled the objective of adding international dimensions to education very effectively.

New Delhi, November 14, 2014: Children’s Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm wherein a ‘Mini Fair’ was organised in the school premises which comprised food stalls, game stalls, candy floss stall and jumping bouncy. Students decided on their choices independently and paid for the food and game with coupons of Rs. 10 each. The candy floss man was the attraction of the day. Fun races were also held for the Class KG students.

New Delhi, November 5, 2014: Guru Nayak Jayanti was celebrated by Class I in a special morning assembly. There was a short skit and Shabad, followed by Prabhat Pheri. Students relished the Kada Parshad. Class KG students also presented the 'Shabad Kirtan'.

New Delhi, September 26, 2014: To make the children aware with our culture, scriptures and national heritage, Class KG students presented the ‘Epic of Ramayana’ in the form of dance and drama in the school. The story narration was done in rap form, accompanied by melodious background music and Chopaiyan. Students performed with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The childhood characters of Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan were enacted by the students of the Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld who enjoyed playing the roles and gave a wonderful presentation. The parents of the students of Class KG, Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld and Class I watched and enjoyed every bit of the show. Everyone was so entranced that there was absolute silence in the auditorium which broke only to the chants of Siya Pati Ram Chandra Ki Jai, Pavansut Hanuman Ki Jai.