Middle & Senior - Events

New Delhi, May 23, 2021: Zenik Learning invited Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, to participate in the International Innovation Summit (21st-23rd May 2021). It provided a unique learning opportunity for students to become leaders and innovators.

It opened young minds to new ideas and future possibilities through meetings and interactions with global student innovators. Imagivation conducted live learning sessions on ‘How to Innovate’ and also provided knowledge about innovations that changed the world.

Students participated in extempore, quizzes, idea contest, inter-school innovation competition in three days program and won certificates and global recognition.

Mercatique - a marketing event was organised for the students of classes X and Class XII on May 20, 2021. The event comprised two competitions:

  1. AD-MAD

AD-MAD was conducted for the students of Class X. The competition was bi-lingual wherein the participants were judged on content, teamwork, presentation, and overall performance. Each team presented their ad with gusto. The competition helped the students enhance their skills in expression, voice modulation, and dialogue delivery. Students came up with unique ideas for the advertisements.

COMMERCIO was conducted for the students of Class XII. Students participated in the competition and demonstrated their innovative business ideas which were judged based on the technical social, environmental, and economic feasibility, the potential of scaling up, and acumen in financial planning. The competition helped in raising awareness of career options in entrepreneurship among the students.

The event was judged by Mr. Gourav Rathi and Lakshay Singla - alumni of IIM Ahmedabad.


1 Prateek Rout  Divit Lilani
Divyam Bansal Sneha Garg
Preksha Akar
Saswati Chinmayee
2 Arshdeep Gauri Sharma
Pavitr Humera Khan
3 Prabhnoor Kaur Sood  Ayush Mathur
Simarjit Singh Ghotra  Saurabh Ahuja
Hardik Sachdeva
Gunn Arora

The event helped the students to hone their marketing skills and meticulously present their ideas. The program was highly appreciated by the judges, teachers, and students. School Principal, Ms. Ritu Mehta, praised the efforts and congratulated the students & teachers.

New Delhi, April 21, 2021: The Interact Club celebrated World Heritage Day, also known as International Day for Monuments and Sites, on 21st April 2021. The Interactors held an interactive session with the students of classes IV and V to celebrate the occasion. The students designed posters on the theme ‘Incredible India’ and described them to present the fascinating heritage of the country. Videos on Indian Heritage and folk dances representing the colourful culture of our nation were shown. An interactive quiz on the same theme was also conducted. The day was celebrated with a lot of fervour to save the legacy and rich heritage of our country.

New Delhi, April 16, 2021: Art has always played an influential role in society. It is a form of self-expression and serves as a vehicle for social change. With this thread of thought, an online Annual Social Science Symposium was organised by Vasant Valley School on the theme: ‘Art should Disturb the Comfortable and Comfort the Disturbed’ on April 16, 2021.

The Symposium included eminent speakers including actor and filmmaker Ms. Nandita Das, Art Curator, Ms. Roobina Karode, Art-Based Therapist, Ms. Sonia Puar and Poet and TEDx Speaker, Mr. Vineet K. Kamal Nain Panchchi. The program was attended by Ms. Harveen Chopra of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, along with few students.

The event was attended by almost 400 attendees who were enthralled by the modern, innovative, and futuristic ideas of transforming art for the larger good of society.

New Delhi, April 2021: Students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, showed their zeal and exuberance in the first edition of 'Thought Huddle' organised by Sunbeam School Varuna. The uniquely curated event hosted more than 400 participants from 45 prestigious schools across 12 states of India.

Students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, exhibited their talent in events like Turncoat Debate, English Creative Writing, General Quiz, Extempore, Art Installation, and Radio Play. It was indeed a learning experience for all the participants as they were guided by eminent theatre personality, quiz master, and orator, Mr Pranab Mukherjee.