Middle & Senior - Events

New Delhi October 20, 2013: The conference was held at Hindu College from 18th to 20th October 2013. Shreeparna Chatterjee (Class XII) & Jyoti Nambiar (Class XI), along with Ms. Swapna Guha and Mr. Sudhi Ranjan attended the conference. Shreeparna Chatterjee (Class XII) was appreciated with the chair's mention as the 'Best First Timer Delegate'.

Kanika Sikka from the senior section and Akanksha Mutreja from the middle section received the prestigious ‘Dr. Stya Paul Awards for Human Values’ wherein both the students were honoured with a certificate and prize money.

Rohan Singh Jain of Class XI cleared the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and is the proud recipient of the scholarship.

In the Apeejay Talent Search Examination (ATSE) 2012, three students qualified for the scholarship award – Vaishali Bijoy (Class X, 10th rank); Rohan Singh Jain (Class XI, 3rd rank) & Shikhar Gupta (Class XII, 5th rank).

New Delhi, September 4, 2013: CATC Camp for the girls’ cadets was held for ten days (26th August 2013 to 4th September 2013) at Delhi Cantt., Parade Ground. Six girls (Anshika Chopra, Aishwarya Sharma, Saniya Satija, Smridhi Nangia, Lavanya Sagar and Sanjan Kaur) of Class IX attended the camp. They participated in many cultural activities like debate, songs, dances, etc. They also attended the lectures on Disaster Management and participated in the Self-Defence programme. The school’s cadets won prizes in Tug of War, Group Dance and Solo Dance competitions.