Primary - Curriculum


The Primary Section is the second step into the knowledgebase. All the basic concepts learnt here form the foundation of a student's knowledge. Therefore the syllabus is carefully planned to integrate the goal of learning and knowledge seeking.

  • Syllabus of class I to V has been designed to enable the teachers to plan in advance and develop activity lessons which are learner centred.
  • Apeejay Education has brought out Syllabi booklets for classes I to V aiming at holistic development.
  • This also helps parents to assist the child in the teaching learning process. The syllabus booklets highlight the learning domains and the learning objectives in terms of achievable behavioural changes that can be realized at the end of each topic taught.

Learning domains highlight the concepts to be taught, skills to be mastered and the values to be inculcated through the teaching learning process. 


Activities conducted at the Inter-School, Inter-Class, Inter-House, Intra- School level are as follows:

  • English/Hindi Recitation/Story Telling
  • Hand writing/Declamation/Debate/Extempore
  • Skating/Short Tennis
  • Art & Craft /Paintbrush
  • Quiz
  • Fancy Dress
  • Solo Singing
  • Mental Ability /Science Application Tests
  • Salad/Sandwich Making
  • Races /Swimming and many more.
  • Classes I and II follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, E.V.S, Maths, as the core subjects and Computer, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art, Yoga, Physical Education, as essential support subjects. Computer Aided Learning also forms an integral part of the teaching learning process .
  • In classes III, IV and V there is a segregation of Science and Social Studies, which become two well-defined subjects in place of Environmental studies. In class V concepts of Social Studies, Science and Maths are taught aided by a Computer Programme developed by JiL. This method of computer-aided teaching makes the lessons interesting and concepts easier to understand. Computer, Art, Dance, Music (Indian and Western), General Knowledge, Yoga, Swimming and Physical Education form an integral part of the curriculum for the holistic development of the personality of our students. Computer-Aided Learning (packages developed by our teachers and used by the students in the computer labs to reinforce the concepts learnt in class), now acquires a more meaningful dimension in the student’s quest for knowledge enhancement.
  • Innovative and practical means are adopted in framing the timetable so as to maintain a healthy balance between academic and co-curricular activities. Co- curricular activities are interwoven into the academic curriculum in such a way that they help in enhancing the coordination skills of the students.
  • Meditation and the effect of light music in the Enrichment periods has to a great extent helped in quelling the restlessness of the students and sharpening their mental faculties.
  • Special Reading Periods are provided to encourage reading habits.
  • Weightage : 80% Academic & 20% Co-Curricular.
  • Apeejay School believes in overall personality development of its pupils, which is not possible if the thrust is purely on academics.
  • Academic skills are adequately taken care of by a well-planned syllabus, teaching with computer-aided techniques and by highly motivated and qualified staff. Worksheets that have been especially designed for the school by its own teachers, are now complied into workbooks called the Students Activity Books.
  • Sports, which are so crucial for a child’s physical and mental development, are also integrated into the Apeejay schooling system. Different forms of yoga like breathing skills, meditation and complete body exercises are taught to all our very young students in a regimented and scheduled manner.
  • Co-curricular activities give a winning edge and enhance personality development. Debating, public speaking, performing arts, art and games are an integral part of the timetable. The confidence, which a child acquires through these activities, equips him to deal with life in all its diversity. The Annual cultural programmes are organised class-wise, which is characterized by participation of each and every student.

Skilled and gifted children are identified and groomed with extra care so that many reach levels of excellence. At the same time we take care to follow up with children who need extra care. We provide remedial classes, learning centres for dyslexic children. There is a school counsellor to guide our children.

  • It is essential in the fast moving materialistic world to inculcate good moral values amongst the children in their formative years. The best possible way to impart this is through the school curriculum. A period per week is allocated in the Time Table for Value Education where in special theme based assemblies are held class wise.
  • The aim is to make the child a better human being, to be able to withstand the pressures and temptations he/she encounters in day-to-day situations. We instil values like honesty, truthfulness, tolerance, sincerity, courtesy, sympathy and affection through our activities.
  • Regular school trips, overnight camps and adventure camps are organized by the school, where children are taken out for excursions and educational places accompanied by teachers. This helps to build a spirit of togetherness, leadership, inculcate team sprit and build confidence among the children.
  • Children participate in Inter-Class and Inter-School cultural programmes like plays, dance, music, sports etc., which help in building team spirit and emphasise the cause of being just.
  • At Apeejay we follow the grading system for revaluation and assessment for all the subjects for Classes I to V. This evaluation system is a continuous and comprehensive form of examination with four assessments in each subjects, wherein the students learn how to face exams and be able to learn time management. 
  • Students from class I to V are graded for all the activities conducted in the school i.e. Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Games and Yoga.