Middle & Senior - Curriculum


  • The School follows the CBSE pattern and offers various choices at the Sr. Secondary level.
  • Science with Computers Sc., Biology, Biotechnology and Economics.
  • Commerce with Maths, Informatics Practices and Physical Education.
  • Humanities with Political Science, Geography, History, Home Sc., Physical Education and Informatics Practices.
  • The timetable allows scope for co-curricular activities to be woven together with academics encouraging a child to grow at all levels- physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Activities like Dance, Music- Vocal & Instrumental, Band, Electronics, Fine Arts, Home Science, Carpentry, Wall Painting, Pottery , Swimming coupled with effective classroom teaching, use of specially in-house designed CAL programmes, Jil Modules & audio visual aids enhance the teaching/ learning process.

Special class assemblies, which are theme-based (based on human values of tolerance, honesty, compassion, concern for others, respect for others etc.) nurture the emotional aspect of the child, sensitizing him to the importance of growing up as a whole, balanced & beautiful individual.

  • The school follows a two-term system with unit tests being held every month. Hence, there is continuous assessment of the child.
  • The school conducts two term examinations and 4 unit tests for classes VI to XII.