Students enthusiastically learned and applied the concepts introduced during club periods to show their imagination and creativity. They got an opportunity to work in a new environment and got an idea of programming and system designing. There are 50 students in the Primary Computer Club wonderfully learning the art of touching the world with a click.

Learning Outcomes/ Objectives:

  • Introduction to Scratch 1.4
  • Identification of different parts of the Scratch screen/window
  • Identification of Sprite or the Character on the screen
  • Changing and editing the Sprite
  • Using gallery to import interesting Characters and Backgrounds
  • Using COMMAND BLOCKS to give commands to the character
  • Designing and creating SCRIPTS to animate the character
  • Sequencing block to design a script

The School has introduced a Quiz Club this session wherein an expert comes in to conduct activities. This is an initiative to inculcate a quest for knowledge among the students. On every Friday, students interact and ask questions from the Resource Person. The School is in a process of making a good team for the Quiz Competition.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers’.

- Charles W. Elio

A child's reading skills are important for her / his success in School as they will allow them to access the breadth of the curriculum and improve their communication & language skills. In addition, reading can be a fun and imaginative time for children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.

Art is an important subject, not only on its own but for the rest of education as well. Experiencing and making works of art benefit students in their intellectual, personal and social development.

Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills & capacities used to master other core subjects, including reading, writing, and mathematics. The importance of Art Education is for us to evaluate ourselves on how we connect with our surroundings. Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design. The Art and Craft Club is a saga by itself. Faculties are well-equipped to unleash each child's inherent talent. There are 50 children in the Club and faculty members are guiding them through various techniques and helping them achieve their aspirations. Children make beautiful craft creations from waste and recyclable materials also.

Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn and can lead to better brain development. It increases human connection and even acts as a stress buster.

Music is the fabric of our society, and can also shape abilities and character.

Introducing the Music Club at the Primary Level helps to foster a positive attitude towards learning and curiosity. Artistic education develops the whole brain and develops children’s imagination.

There are 50 students in both Instrumental and Vocal club. Children learn different instruments under the able guidance of our experienced faculty. They learn different patriotic, environmental, motivation and thematic based songs in vocal classes.