New Delhi, May 24, 2023: The Interact Club of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park set yet another benchmark by conducting ‘Project Ann Daan’ with the aim to feed the impoverished section of the society. For this purpose, the Interact Club collaborated with the Smile Foundation and visited a slum located at Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. The students distributed dry ration to the underprivileged children. The interactors had collected a generous amount of 220 kgs of raw food items (like wheat, rice, pulses, salt, sugar etc.) from the students and staff of the school. The smile on the faces of the children was a testimony to the success of the humane endeavour that the club embarked on.

New Delhi, December 25 2022: The Interact Club of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, conducted ‘Project Feliz Navidad’ on the joyous occasion of Christmas at the school’s Minerva Carnival 2022 on 25 December 2022.

The club had invited a few students of Classes IV to VII from NGO BLESSINGS. The project was initiated with the motive of compassion and to give the young children an opportunity to experience as well as be a part of such a grand fiesta. The Interactors took them to the game stalls set up by different classes. Rides such as the Micky Mouse Bouncy, Elephant Carousel were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

New Delhi, Oct 25, 2021: In today’s time, it is imperative to talk to children about the differences between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate types of touches and the measures to be taken to counter such untoward incidents. Therefore, the Interact Club of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, organised Project AATM SANRAKSHAN to enlighten, guide, and create awareness about good and bad touch, explain the importance of protecting one’s body, know their safe circle and how to seek help from the child helpline.The project was implemented through an online webinar conducted by Ms. Shweta Oberoi (Primary School In-charge) and Ms. Moumita Mallik Sen (Interact Club In-charge), with the help of PPTs and videos, for the students of classes V- VII.

The students actively participated in the webinar, shared their experiences and views, and most importantly, became empowered in the process.

New Delhi, May 25 2022:The Interact Club of our school conducted the ‘Project Ann Daan’ on 25th May 2022.We collaborated with ‘Heal The Globe Foundation’ and visited a village located in Sector-49, Gurugram, Haryana.

The intent of this endeavour was to feed the under privileged sections of society. The club members had collected 250 kgs of dry ration from students and staff to extend a helping hand to 70 plus families in need.

In the session 2019-20 AVAS conducted Abacus classes for classes III to V. It has helped in improving concentration level along with brain development and faster calculations. It consists of two levels. The first level of Abacus was successfully completed in November 2019. Students were rewarded for their outstanding performance with medals and certificates. The National Level Championship Exam was conducted on 20th November 2019. Its result was announced on 14th December 2019, comprising toppers from all batches (from classes III to V).

Avishkaar Makeathon was a National Science Prototype Invention Competition in which 128 teams from 118 schools (from 20 states of India) participated. Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, was also one of the participants there from the New Delhi region. The competition consisted of 3 stages – ideate stage in which 650+ teams participated, prototype stage for which 300+ teams were qualified and showcase stage which was held on 14th and 15th December 2019 in Thyagaraj Stadium for which 101 teams qualified. Team Devtech from Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, also qualified for the showcase stage and competed with other 100 teams. The Competition started with a grand opening ceremony including flag march and cultural programmes and on 2nd day, the programme after felicitation ceremony ended with a closing ceremony with a great Avishkaar light and sound show. The judges and guests of honour were from all over the world. Mr Tarun Bhalla was the organiser of the programme.

It was indeed a great learning experience for all.

The Ted Talk Club of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park is a journey into the realm of Literary Art that shapes the inner self, nurtures the creative thirst and sculpts the raw potential of the young minds.

Till date, the Club has held 22 classes which were both instructional and enjoyable. It was conducted under the supervision of Mrs Manjusha Das. With great zeal and enthusiasm, the members of the Club worked on their thoughts and expressed them on paper which they later communicated in front of the class.

Learning objectives:

  • To develop listening ,writing and communication skills
  • To learn to be a part of a group
  • Impromptu speech
  • Arguments and counter arguments
  • To prepare students on accent, tone, body language, eye contact, pronunciation, etc.
  • Build confidence to be at is not only professionally but also socially
  • To increase daily awareness and helps to boost habits like reading and independent research

Activities conducted:

  • Know yourself
  • Debate
  • Just a Minute
  • Elocution (2 to 3 mins)
  • Declamation (important speeches of renowned personalities)
  • Ad Enactment
  • Role Play
  • Poet's Galore

Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, has an Eco Club which comprises 25 students and 2 teachers. Different activities were conducted throughout the year with emphasis on saving the environment. On the first day, students were given detailed information about various types of plants and were taught how to do plantation. Children planted the pots and added to the beauty of the environment. Counting of potted plants was done with the children on the next day. To make the children realise the importance of the plants, pictures cards of various medicinal plants were shown to them. They visited Jahapanaha forest for the ‘Save Environment Campaign’. Plants were gifted to children from the Horticulture Department. Children also did plantation at home and nurtured them. To spread awareness, slogan writing and poster making was done. Wall hangings were prepared from natural colours and waste material. Children were shown different kinds of plants that are there in the School like flowering plants, herbs, shrubs, trees and medicinal plants. To make the environment clean, a ‘cleanliness drive’ was also organised in the School.

The Club’s goal is for students to come together with a common interest in technology, to share and learn from one another. Computer Club (Force Club) has been actively working in the field of knowledge exchange and upgrade. This year also the members of the Club, with the support of teachers, successfully hosted the annual Inter-School Symposium ‘Force Fest’ in which more than 50 schools of Delhi NCR participated. Computer Club students get support and innovative ideas to perform various activities like Video Editing, Gaming, Photoshop,  Music and Web Designing in the Computer Club. Students are divided in groups for various activities like programming, web designing, audio/video editing, digital imaging, quiz, Flash and E-newsletter. They learn the respective software during the Club periods and do many activities. Web designing team students learnt HTML and make webpage on the importance of gaming, types of games and supermarket.  Students also learn the html coding in sublime text. The Design team also learn Photoshop and created school logo, learnt to rotate the image.

The Audio/ Video team learn to edit music files and edited audio clips. They also learn to edit video using premiere pro software.

Programming team learnt the programming skills in Java and Python.

The Club members had prepared many videos in the School for events like:

  1. Teacher’s Day.
  2. Class XII Farewell Day.
  3. Annual Day Teasers and credits to be shown at the end of the programme.
  4. Live Streaming of Annual Day programme on the Force Club YouTube channel.
  5. Teasers video for the Carnival (Minerva).

The members of the Club had also put up five gaming stalls. They have been actively taking part in Inter-School Competitions and have won many prizes. The Club members have been supporting the School in various IT related activities during the year.

  • No. of Students - 19
  • No. of Sessions - 07
  • Classes – VI, VII, VIII & IX

Sessions' Topics –

Guitar Basics, Notation (Tablature) Reading, Musical Notes Recognition, Reading Chord Progression, Getting Aware Of Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.

The Instrumental Club comprises 19 students from classes VI to IX. The Club activities are held on every Friday of the week in the assigned club period. Students learn the basics of music and musical knowledge by using instruments such as guitar. Students also go through the group performance just to check their own knowledge about music which they have learned in their regular club periods.