New Delhi, April 2021: The first day of the session commenced with a splendid 'Count and Write' activity. Students were given a bowl of mixed numbers from where they had to find out the correct age of their family members and paste it on the puppets. They also used the same number of sticker bindis to decorate the family puppets. Altogether, it was a fun-filled activity.

Topic: The Titanic
The students collected information about the Titanic, wrote interesting facts about the ship and the reasons for its drowning. They made a collage of the pictures showing the beginning of the journey till the end. This activity aimed to enhance the knowledge of the students about the Titanic and motivate them to showcase their ideas and creativity.

Symmetry is a predictable and perfect regularity within a pattern. Nature uses symmetry to make things look beautiful. Students of Class V were creatively roped to understand the concept of SYMMETRY & PATTERNS in a Math Ink Blot and Paper Cutting activity. The activity drilled the concept better among the students.

The students of Class III realised and discussed that for the human body, health is a positive state where every part of the mind and body is in harmony. They also understood that for good health, they need to eat wholesome food and drink pure water. They understood that it is an important hygiene habit to keep themselves and their surroundings neat and clean. At the end of the activity, they wrote few sentences on the topic - 'I am safe and healthy because...'