New Delhi, Sep 25, 2020: Grammar is the connectivity that gives a language wings of expression and delight of imagination to turn vocabulary into a fasciation at every step.

New Delhi, Sep 25, 2020: The most effective way to express yourself in a magnificent way is when u make it a secret guess for others. It gives a boost to your vocabulary and also helps in nicely expressing the concept and theme of the month.

Words are expression to a language with the most delightful meanings when used in a sentence and to embrace that vocabulary in our national language, children performed and learnt through an activity wherein they formed words with 'u ki matra’ and filled them into tri-colour clouds learning the word-formation using not only ‘u ki matra’ but the matras were done before too so they can understand each swar matra and vyanjan correlates to form a meaningful word.

Mathematics has a hidden art to it, and its concepts are present in all the life skills we come across. To identify those beautiful Mathematical concepts in our daily lives, students of Class I magnified all the plane shapes through the shape magnifier and spoke about the different lines and corners that made a shape that is being magnified.

Language can give thoughts a sound of expression and when it is in your mother tongue it creates a splash of vibrance in the ears of the listener as each phase of a story creates an identity & imagination of its own. To make children live that imagination, they were made to draw the main picture of the vocabulary word they have from ‘ee ki matra’ and then put five more words inside the same picture by which they created fascinating stories. They also came up with a wonderful recital on the same. This activity helped them be expressive and receptive as they learnt new vocabulary with each story.