New Delhi, September 18, 2022: As a part of thematic learning under the theme of the month- Animals, the KG teachers organised Mask Making Activity for Kindergarteners.

Children decided amongst themselves which animal they want to be as a team namely, Team Lion, Team Frog, Team Dog & Team Cow. They enthusiastically made their respective masks.

The students wore the masks and spoke a few lines on why they chose to be that animal. The goal was to discuss and learn about various animals in an artistic way.

Travelling won't be possible without transportation that has evolved with time, thereby, 'Means of Transport' were explained and introduced to children who made special paper art using different types of transport used in land, water and air - to travel and transport goods from one place to another.

Integration of maths was done by the children by drawing the means of transport along with numbers. They learnt the names of different modes of transport and the value of the numbers.

Mathematics can give imagination to new dimensions as learning each concept turned into a vital enjoyment. Students of Class I created a Shapes Tree and learnt the art of making, identifying, and displaying the shapes into those creations that surround us in our mundane as well as existence.

The idea of painting for kids inspires fun and creativity!
The younglings at the Kindergarten level explored the unique technique of 'Bud Printing' and tried their little hands on vyanjans – m, p, and r. They revised them in a fun way and the result was the colourful bud printed vyanjans. It was a super fun activity and relaxed way to paint and revise the formation of vyanjans and has a long-lasting impact on the memory of little learners. It is also great for working on their fine motor skills.