The best way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics...
Encouraging such thoughts in mind, our little munchkins of Class II, Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, actively participated in SEA of Maths - ‘Clock Making Activity’. The activity was conducted to enhance the overall comprehension of the lesson ‘Time’ in maths to make them understand how to see time on a clock, what the hour hand and minute hand do and how does it work. In this activity, children made beautiful clocks with creative stuff and understood how to see and tell the time in different aspects. The children enjoyed it a lot and were very excited as there was a lot of learning to take away from this activity.

On the occasion of Independence Day, a tri-colour activity was conducted for the students of classes II & III. The students folded orange and green colored papers and formed ‘Lotus’ (National Flower) and ‘Peacock’ (National Bird). This activity was not only aimed at developing fine motor skills but also at making the students aware of their national symbols and evoking a feeling of patriotism in their little hearts. All children participated with great enthusiasm.

At Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, we always strive to enhance the potential of the students by constantly engaging them in fruitful and productive activities that encourage them to think outside the box. Keeping this in mind, the Mathematical Rangometry activity which is a perfect link between Art and Math was conducted for classes IV & V. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and blended the Math Concept with Art.

Independence is no more just the story of our freedom fighters and politicians but now the script of our real independence is different and uniquely challenging. We daily come across people who fight against all odds to get nature its preserving rights for our future generations. Such people become living legends, pathfinders, and role models for our young ones. Keeping this in mind, ‘Living Legends’ activity under the title ‘It's time to honor our Living Legends’ was organised for classes II and III which gave an opportunity to our young ones to do research, perform and increase their G.K. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and enjoyed it a lot.