The students showcased their perceptions about ‘Save Environment’ through their creativity. A Poster Making activity ‘Save Environment’ was organised for classes II - V in which students gave a message of peace. Through this activity, some students portrayed a healthy environment in their posters. The students painted their perceptions on paper about saving the planet earth from pollution and other damages. The students wonderfully depicted the dangers harming the planet and also the uniqueness of the planet was showcased through the variations of colours. The competition was like an extravagance for the young learners and the spectators as well, as they have used their imagination and creativity with the perceptions displayed on the sheet.

New Delhi, July 31, 2020: Learning through projection is an intrinsic part of the Primary curriculum at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park. Keeping this in mind, an online ‘Declamation' activity was organised for Class V children on July 24 and 31, 2020. The activity involved the Class V learners speaking about their views on the topics - Frontline Warriors, Importance of Technology in Current Coronavirus Pandemic Situation, Online Classes, and Minding our Minds during the Lockdown in their Synchronous Online Class. It helped encourage young minds to open up and speak in front of their teachers and friends. They could express their thoughts clearly and enthusiastically. Further, it aided in boosting their self-confidence, improved their verbal expressions, and developed their imaginative aptitude. It was indeed heartening for the teachers to see such eager participation by all children. The poise displayed by the young speakers during the online event was praiseworthy. The smiling faces of the children illustrated that they thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

As part of the virtual learning experience, students of classes II and III participated enthusiastically in the 'Show and Tell’ activity conducted over two days. Children were instructed to speak on the topic of their choice, and the outcome was outstanding! Children were angelic, animated, and revelation! Some children presented through props, and some held books in their hands to enliven their narrative. Their fluent and flawless rendition was praiseworthy. For their effort, each child was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. The credit must also be shared with the parents who prepared our little orators and made this activity a grand success!

Word-building is a crucial step between knowing the letters of the alphabet and being able to write. Keeping this in mind, two sessions of word-building activity were organised.

It has been gratifying to witness Apeejay students transform the challenges of the lockdown period into opportunities for self-actualization. Technological advancements are inevitable as that’s the way the world is moving. It has also been incorporated into the world of education where children get to experience a new way of learning and educators get to practice more effective methods of teaching. At Apeejay, we have given children to use the online platform for oratory skills. Extempore activity for classes IV and V was organised to showcase the talents of our young minds. Children were given topics and they spoke wonderfully. They participated in the extempore activity with full zeal and vigour. They took up the challenge and tried to meet the expectations. Kudos to the participants!