Raising children is a big job. This project aimed at guiding children on the importance of keeping safe and healthy by following some good habits. Children were asked to compile their information in the form of an E-Pamphlet that can be shared with family and friends to convey the importance of health in day-to-day life. Often used in educational and cultural contexts, pamphlets are a valuable tool for sharing data and information. These pamphlets are designed to inform readers and customers about the topics most important to them, ranging from health & medical care to travel & tourism. Children used MS-Word application to create and design this useful document. They enjoyed working with various new formatting techniques and manipulating text and graphics to make it attractive and informative. This project helped them understand the importance of good health and allowed them to express their concern for others. They also appreciated the role of information technology in the field of desktop publishing.

Manipulating text and graphics are fun!

Comic strips often express messages or provide glances of events or stories. Comics and cartoons are texts that have been around for a long time. Children enjoy reading and sharing them! Cartoons and comics are approachable because they combine both words and images.

Children were encouraged to read different comics available on Google. They comprehended many different things in different ways and were able to organise their ideas and combine, pictures, captions, and dialogues to depict their story. This activity enhanced their creativity and also stimulated their imagination. The students were very enthusiastic during the whole activity and performed the activity in a play way manner. Children learnt new techniques while having fun!

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. - Chief Seattle

No event in history has so poignantly brought home this fact than the pandemic that keeps us locked inside our homes right now. But, even the national lockdown couldn't dim the enthusiasm of the young children who were engaged in some fun-filled activities supported by their ever-sporting parents and dedicated teachers!

The children of Class II decked themselves with a crown representing how they take care of Mother Earth. They made as many words as they could using the letters from ‘EARTH DAY’ and hummed a melodious Earth Day song.

Children of classes II to V made beautiful pictures of Earth and expressed their feelings for their mother Earth. Promises and pledges to protect Earth with beautiful messages were also written by the children.

Labour Day was celebrated in the Primary Wing of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, wherein children expressed heartfelt gratitude to the support staff, cleanliness workers, vegetable vendors, and guards, etc.
To commemorate Labour Day and to appreciate & thank the selfless service of the labourers who work with utmost dedication and ensure the hygiene & security of everyone, children of classes II to V participated with full enthusiasm by making slogans, thank you cards, speak about the dignity of labour, enactments, etc. for the supporters of the system.