New Delhi, Sep 15, 2020: To be in pace with the theme of the month - Plants - children of Class I were motivated to do a Collage-Making Activity wherein they greatly used their innovation as they pasted pictures of various plants & their classification in a beautiful cut out of a seed. They also spoke about what kind of plant they are pasting in the seed cut out and why they used the cut out of a seed as a base. They came up with answers which were par excellence that seeds are the reasons we get various plants that turned the activity into an amalgamation of knowledge and skills held together in place, making it an impressive session.

New Delhi, Sep 2, 2020: We, at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, aim at making our students well-acknowledged with the concepts they learn in the virtual class. We, Apeejayites, made an effort to take the children near to nature and learn something cultivating that would serve mankind for ages so they were indulged in an activity where they pasted the gift of mother nature to mankind in form of plants to cuddle the concept tight with understanding different categories, shapes and sizes the plants surrounds us.

New Delhi, Sep 2, 2020: The most delightful relationship that the human shares besides family and friends is of a pet and to cherish that bond & apprise the students with an ongoing theme of the month ‘Animals’ - a fun-filled ‘Mask-Making Activity’ was organised for the preschoolers wherein they embraced a beautiful bunny mask breaking a norm of a regular pet animal. They also decorated the masks with cotton, tassels, and other decorative items to make it learning fun.

New Delhi, Aug 2020: Nature has given so much to cherish that mankind lives a tasteful and healthy life due to the gifts of nature. A ‘Show & Tell Activity’ was organised wherein the children spoke about the things that we get from plants in the most efficacious way as they not only came up with the things that nature has bestowed upon us but they also spoke about their classification, uses, and effects that led the activity to become exemplary in its way as the idea of forming good orator always goes hand in hand with great information delivered that was made highly impressive by the students of Class I.

New Delhi, Aug 26, 2020: Wonderful work was done by children of Class KG.