Students of Kindergarten level donned their 'Chef Caps’ to exhibit their culinary skills in ‘Cooking without Fire’ and made nutritious yet delectable delicacy 'Corn chat’. They learnt about the nutritive value and hygiene elements of the product. The delight on the faces of the budding chefs was a sight to see, especially when they discovered tangy creation.

To explain the various concepts with practical examples and to teach freezing and melting to the children, an exquisite experiment was conducted using ice wherein children learnt that freezing is the change that occurs when a liquid changes into a solid as the temperature decreases. Melting is the opposite change, from a solid to a liquid as the temperature increases. Substances freeze at the same temperature as they melt.

Science Experiment – Prevention is Cure

A pandemic to fight, health and hygiene should be the only driver and keeping this in mind Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, and its Pre-Primary Department organised a Science Experiment to inculcate awareness in young Apeejayites, wherein they understood the grandness of cleanliness by a ‘Germ Kill’ experiment that was performed by children using black pepper, water, and soap to see how the soap reacts to germs when used on germs when we wash hands making children enjoy and understand the need to maintain personal health and hygiene at every step to keep health-related problems at bay.

Have you ever tried the rain cloud in a jar by using shaving cream, food color, and water? Kids as young as preschoolers explored the process of rain falling from the super cool rain cloud in a jar by performing a science experiment! Curious scientists loved this fun and engaging experiment. Making clouds with shaving creme and raindrops with different colors as they visualised the process of rain falling from the clouds. Students were thrilled to play and learn all about the weather.

To bring the bliss of monsoon alive during this pandemic, we, at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, organised a fun-filled Science Experiment explaining the Water Cycle to the children so they can understand the process of how we get rain. Students were explained about the process through this wonderful experiment wherein they used shaving foam to form a cloud, a glass of water, and a liquid colour to understand how water evaporates, condenses, and precipitates making the rain fall on the ground due to gravitational force.

Preschoolers learnt the process of evaporation through a small experiment wherein they observed how water evaporates and forms clouds in the sky.

New Delhi, Oct 3, 2020: A paper folding craft activity was held on 3rd Oct 2020.

New Delhi, Sep 25, 2020: Clay modelling is a great way to develop a child’s fine motor skills, imagination, and spark creativity. A Clay Modelling activity was conducted at the Kindergarten level on the theme 'Animals' wherein the little learners participated enthusiastically and presented clay models innovatively and creatively.

New Delhi, Sep 23, 2020: Circle time is a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group. A ‘bird’ theme was pursued in Kindergarten to introduce nesting, laying eggs, migration, and spring. The little ones showcased their verbal skills, creativity, and knowledge.

A beautiful presentation was done by the younglings. It was a great learning experience for them.