New Delhi, Aug 2020: Nature has given so much to cherish that mankind lives a tasteful and healthy life due to the gifts of nature. A ‘Show & Tell Activity’ was organised wherein the children spoke about the things that we get from plants in the most efficacious way as they not only came up with the things that nature has bestowed upon us but they also spoke about their classification, uses, and effects that led the activity to become exemplary in its way as the idea of forming good orator always goes hand in hand with great information delivered that was made highly impressive by the students of Class I.

New Delhi, Aug 26, 2020: Wonderful work was done by children of Class KG.

New Delhi, Aug 26, 2020: To celebrate the power that India showcases in each stream is impeccable, thereby, to showcase that knowledge is power, our first graders made astounding bookmarks using our national animal Tiger which symbolises power - taking their vivid rainbow of imagination towards new learning.

The little Apeejayites of Kindergarten reverberated the enthusiasm of Independence Day by participating in the Role Play activity. The children portrayed the role of freedom fighters and made the students aware about their contribution in the history of Independence. The little ones paid a rich tribute to the martyrs by representing their zeal and patriotism.

They were dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi, Rani Laxmi Bai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Jawahar Lal Nehru. They were waiting eagerly for their turn to speak their slogans. It was worth listening to them speak so confidently.

A special assembly was planned at the Kindergarten level. The School Principal hoisted the flag in the School and the same was shown to the students during the online session. Students put up special performances like dance, role play, and singing. During the session, a T-shirt painting activity was also conducted in which the students painted national symbols on their T shirts.

The little ones really enjoyed the celebration and spread the colour of Independence and patriotism.

An activity was conducted wherein children chose the states in which amazing monuments are situated and pasted it on to them making them aware of the Indian map and location of the states.

New Delhi, Aug 9, 2020: Learning with the help of visual tools helps the students to understand and memorize different topics with great ease. Keeping this in mind, a ‘Show and Tell’ activity was organised for the kindergarteners on the theme ‘Animals’. They researched their favourite animal and presented it through creative props. It was amazing to see their choice of animals. Learners of kindergarteners carried out this activity very well.