• The Sub Junior Table Tennis team became Champions.
  • Junior Girls and Sub-Junior Volleyball team also stood 1st as Champions.
  • The Sr. Girls & Junior Basketball team once again emerged as Runners-Up.
  • Sanskar Garg won a Gold medal at the Arman Memorial Swimming Championship.
  • Dhruv Vikram Singh won Gold medal at the ‘Delhi National Futsal’ in Soccer, held at Goa.
  • Prabhneet Kaur won Gold medals in 25 meters Breast Stroke, Butterfly and Free Style in Swimming. Prabhneet and Ayushi Nanda bagged a Gold Medal in Rajiv Gandhi Roller Skating Championship. In another commendable achievement, Prabhneet Kaur got 2 Silver medals, Kashish Panwar received a Gold & Silver medal, Ayushi Nanda bagged a Brozne medal and Dilaish Karyat got 2 Silver medals in the Inter-School Roller Skating Championship.
  • Sanya Singh got the 3rd prize in the CBSE National Skating Championship. In the CBSE North Zone Roller Skating Competition, Sanya got a Sivler and a Bronze medal. Ayushman Nanda also received a Bronze medal. In the CBSE North Zone Roller Skating Championship held at Chandigarh, Akshat Gupta received a Gold Medal and Sanya bagged Gold and a Silver medal.
  • Anushree Joshi, Prajwal Gupta, Soumil Narula, Sanya Singh, Akshat Gupta, Harshil Gupta, Akshat Bisht, Prabhneet Kaur, Ayush Aryan, Mannt Abbot, Arya Vashisht won accolades in various competitions in Skating.





8th & 9th Aug. 2014

YMCA Swimming Championship was held at YMCA Sports Club

Gold Medal
(100 mts. Free Style)
Silver  Medal
(100 mts Back Stroke)
Silver  Medal
(Ind. Medley)

Silver Medal
(100 mts Free Style)

Sawan Sansan Wal - IX




Hansika Nagpal

21st & 22nd Aug. 2014

Inter-school Swimming Championship was  held at Birla Vidya Niketan

Gold Medal
50 mt. Back Stroke
Gold Medal
50 mt. Free Style
Gold Medal
100 mt. Free Style

Hansika Nagpal - VI C




2nd – 4th Sep. 2014

CBSE North Zone 1 Swimming Championship 2014- 2015 was held at Remal Public School, Rohini

Silver Medal
100 mt. Back Stroke
Silver Medal
200 mt. Back Stroke
Silver  Medal
50 mt. Back Stroke
Bronze Medal
100 mt. Free Style

Sawan Sansanwal - IX

3rd October 2014

Delhi State Swimming Championship was held at Govt. School, Mayapuri

3 Silver Medal
50, 100, 200 mt. Back Stroke

2 Bronze Medal
800, 1500 mt. Free Style

3 Gold Medal
4 x100,  4x 200  & 4x 400 (Relay)

Sawan Sansanwal - IX

16th – 18th October 2014

CBSE National Swimming Championship was held at Vadodara

3 Bronze Medal
50, 100, 200 mt. Back stroke

Sawan Sansanwal - IX