Administrative Block

The administrative block consists of the reception area with a large and spacious sitting area for the visitors along with adjoining Principal’s office, Accounts office and bank for the convenience of students and parents. The creative work done in field of fine arts by the students, also find a befitting place here.

Pre-Primary Block

The Pre-Primary block of Apeejay School, Noida has a safe and student-friendly environment. The hexagonal rooms are well lit with natural light and are also well ventilated. The block is surrounded by beautiful landscaping. The corridor that leads to the Pre-Primary block has a colorful Hopscotch on one side. The tiny tots learn the concept of colours, numbers, after, before etc. along with some physical exercise like jumping, hopping, walking etc on the drawn and painted structure of “HOPSCOTCH”. The central area of the block is well maintained, with the purpose of keeping the students close to the environment and helping them observe the natural changes in their surroundings.

All the rooms in Pre- Primary Block are beautifully decorated and well maintained. Students work is displayed on the Bulletin Boards to give them a sense of belonging and pride. There is provision of a water cooler which is attached to a commercial R.O. Plant for drinking purpose. Very close to the block is an exclusive play area for the tiny tots. It consists of Multi Action Play systems, climbers, swings , a sand pit, story telling corner, splash pool, amphitheatre, duck pond, aviaries etc are the corners used for imparting education in the outdoors. The block is well equipped with a variety of educational audio-visual aids i.e. Cassettes, CDs, CD player, Synthesizer etc. There is a provision of computer laboratory & LCD projector for the students to learn through Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Packages.

Primary Block Building

The Primary building of Apeejay School, Noida was inaugurated on March 30, 2005 by Tessa Jowell, the Minister of State for Education, Culture and Media , UK . The Primary Block has a separate three storeyed building which is a real architectural beauty and is situated in the lush green environment which is most conducive to education. The primary department runs classes from I to V on a co-educational pattern.

It has a well stocked Library, a Social Science Lab, Maths Lab, Science Lab, two Computer Labs, One T.V./ A.V. room, two Art rooms, Instrumental Music room, Dance room and a Yoga room. There is a big multi-purpose hall where various activities and competitions are conducted. The vast open area in the building provides space for morning assemblies and other cultural activities. The Primary Block of Apeejay School, Noida is an amalgamation of aesthetics and functional utility. It is a spacious building with two ramps catering to the needs of differentially abled students. The building has very spacious and airy rooms that allow a healthy amount of fresh air and light. The well ventilated and adequately furnished staff rooms on both floors give teachers enough space to be recharged and rejuvenated between classes. The spacious art room and music room provide our students the requisite atmosphere. The well equipped Computer Labs and well stocked Library help to channelise all the energy in a constructive manner.

Overall, the Primary Block set amidst a soothing landscape and gardens indeed provides a conducive atmosphere for the students to bloom into healthy and wholesome personalities.

Middle Block Building

The Middle is a perfect example of architectural expertise with hexagonal class rooms, providing students better natural light during studies.

The Middle Block hexagon consists of classes VI-VIII with well equipped four Computer labs, LCD Lab with Smart Board, Yoga, Music, Sculpture rooms and Infirmary.

Senior Block Building

The Senior Block is a perfect example of architectural expertise with hexagonal class rooms, providing students better natural light during studies.

The Senior Block caters to classes IX-XII with well equipped Science (Biology, Bio-Tech, Physics and Chemistry Labs), Mathematics, CODE, and Computer Science Labs and Art Room.

Hostel - A Home Away From Home

Apeejay School NOIDA Hostel provides an ideal dwelling for students, providing them an all round personality from socio-cultural and personal point of view. Its atmosphere inculcates the spirit of tolerance, team spirit and a feeling of respect towards all religions.

Neat, clean and well-equipped dormitories add to the beautiful layout of the Hostel. The common room is utilized by the boarders to play all types of indoor games. The hostellers get their knowledge updated with T.V. and other audio-visual aids. There is a Reading Area which provides them five National dailies and eleven hostel-4662periodical magazines along with educational bulletins for subjects based on the latest C.B.S.E. syllabus.

The Mess Committee consists of six students (both boys and girls) and Hostel Superintendent. Hostel Nurse keeps a strict vigil over the quality and nutritional value of food along with the cleanliness in the kitchen, dining hall and personal hygiene and cleanliness of the mess workers. It is additionally supervised by the visiting medical physician.

School Auditorium

The School auditorium is a place to showcase the talents of our budding actors, poets, singers and dancers.

The creative streak of every child is identified and nurtured here. It accommodates about 1500 students and is equipped with the latest technologies in light and sound system.

of the mess workers. It is additionally supervised by the visiting medical physician.

Senior Block Library

The Apeejay School Libraries are the hub to inculcate the reading habit in the students and to develop in them an awareness and sensitivity towards their environment and their fellow human beings. The Apeejay School Library for the students of classes VI to XII measures 3000 square feet, is airy, well ventilated and well lit. It is a store house of knowledge with over 16,000 books on different subjects. Invaluable Reference books are available and can be made use of in the Library. The Library receives a vast range of magazines and journals both National and International besides the Daily National newspapers.

In our present day world, Computers have assumed a significant role, and have become an integral part of our lives. In keeping with the times the Apeejay School library is now fully computerized.

The Primary Block Library caters to the needs of children of classes I to V. The Primary Library with its attractive and colourful books, is the students’ first introduction to the Library and the World of Books.

The students utilize the library for study and reference work. They are guided by experienced and qualified librarians, who help them in selecting the relevant reading material.

Computer Labs

The IT infrastructure setup of Apeejay School consists of a Server Room with total 9 servers and 8 Computer Labs in different wings of the school, where all machines are connected with online UPS.

A graded Computer Education programme exists in the school that introduces the use of computers at the Nursery level itself and then builds on the student's ‘knowledge and skills' base at every subsequent level through CAL (Computer Aided Learning) and CLP (Computer Literacy Program). To enhance teaching-learning, the school has almost 700 computer packages of various subjects, developed by teachers, for class nursery upwards.

In today’s challenges for schools, we have Eureka for students. It provides a high end 3D multimedia education software for Science, SST & Maths from Primary to Senior Classes.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab is well equipped with apparatus and always has sufficient stock of chemicals to perform various experiments and projects as prescribed in CBSE curriculum. Separate place for storing chemicals and work tables with acid proof tiles makes it highly safe for the students to perform experiments.

Physics Lab

The Physics lab is equipped with sufficient apparatus required by students in various experiments and for their extended experimentation in projects. The experiments related to almost all topics in Physics like electricity, magnetism, light, liquids, waves, resonance can be performed from the elementary to the most sophisticated level.

Science Park

To popularize “play-way teaching and learning” methodology, in the field of science, a Science Park has been setup in the school. This is an innovative concept of teaching the basics of science in an informal way. Science Park has well designed gadgets to nurture knowledge with amusement. Each gadget is installed with an explanation about how to play/operate the gadget. The various concepts of science have been beautifully demonstrated, that kindles young minds for their bright future, the gadgets include pulley, centrifugal force, periscope, Echo tube etc.

Sports & Games

Qualities like leadership and sportsmanship are closely interwoven in the school’s curriculum. The school has a big playground and provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various games and sports under the guidance of experienced physical education teachers. The main aim is to develop not only their physical but also their mental health. Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis and Throwball are some of the games played regularly.

Special coaching in various sports is arranged. Students play indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom. The School also provides training in Gymnastics, Yoga, Rock climbing, Athletics, Taekwondo, Karate and Judo. Sports Day is an annual event which provides a platform to all students to showcase their talent and sportsmanship.

Swimming Pool

The school swimming pool provides an excellent opportunity for the students to learn swimming and excel in this field. Swimming is compulsory for the students from classes IV to VII and is a part of school time table. A qualified swimming coach and lifeguard is available. The swimming facility is also open to students of other classes after the school hours. This facility is also available to ex-students and parents of wards on payment of requisite fees. During vacations the pool is open from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Infirmary – Sick Bay

The School has an air-conditioned medical room, fully equipped to administer first aid and cater to other medical issues that may occur in a school environment. These facilities are provided under the care of full time, trained nurses.